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Jun 13, 2008 04:57 AM

Durian Fruit

I know nothing about this fruit... other than that I can't get it at my local grocery store, and that it is supposed to smell like rotting flesh and sewage. So of course my friend and I decided to try it.

Where do I buy this? in Chinatown? (is that why Chinatown smells like that...) And do I just cut it open and eat the inside of the fruit...?

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  1. Yes it's all over the place in Chinatown when it's in season (summer), especially at the exotic fruit stands on the west side of Spadina just north of Dundas. It does have a very strong smell, people react to it differently, to me it's no where near fish or sewage. I actually dislike the flavour not the smell, because to me it tastes like sweet fruit mixed with raw onion which I hate.

    Yeah you just open the hard spiky shell and eat the custardy meat inside, it's got big seeds.

    1. T&T's has them frozen (the Promenade location). We also were intrigued by the durian fruit. Bought one frozen from T&T, took it up to the cottage to share with my brothers family. I don't think we've laugh so hard in our lives! The smell was just awful and we couldn't run away from it fast enough. I think we all tried it but it was really tough getting to our mouths. Try it, I'm sure you won't like it but you' will have fun with the experiment.

      1. While it's not quite the same as the real thing, sometimes I suggest to my friends who've never had durian before to try a lighter version of it in the form of durian ice cream, bubble tea drink or the sausage shaped candy, just to get used to the flavour. If you like it, then you can go full out on the real thing. Mind you, the ice cream version won't have the same foul odor as you would the real fruit.

        To buy a whole durian is not cheap either, so perhaps experimenting on the frozen variety (thaw it out first, of course) might be more economical... just in case you end up tossing most of it into the organic waste bin anyways.

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          I agree with Royaljelly about trying a "lighter" version - in my case first exposure came through durian shakes at Vietnamese restaurants. Now that I'm used to the aftertaste of rotten meat and gasoline, I can eat the real thing. I do like to freeze some of the flesh and eat it like a sort of icecream/frozen custard affair.

        2. I dont really think the sausage candy versions or even the hard candies flavoured like durian taste anything like durian.

          i LOVE this fruit, and even though people say it stinks, i think it has a lovely smell and such a lovely smooth creamy texture.

          mind you, i've grown up eating this with my family.

          1. Ahhh... durian... apparently, you'll either love it or hate it.

            I suggest you try one of the durian shakes you can get at restaurants... usually I see them at Vietnamese restaurants. Some of them are bad... they'll be more icy because they just use so much crushed ice so you can't taste it so well. The good places will make a nice thick shake. I don't mind drinking durian shake, but I don't like eating durian, it's just toooooo much!!! I don't like it, but it smells and tastes nothing like rotting flesh and sewage, that's just waay overexaggerating.....

            When you buy it, you'll have to cut it lengthwise all around the fruit to open up the different compartments.... each compartment will have several sections of fruit and each section has its own seed. Good thing it's summer... I don't suggest you opening one up inside your house unless you want the whole house to smell like durian :D