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Jun 13, 2008 04:38 AM

Sat. lunch in Belfast, ME: suggestions, please

Doesn't have to be fancy, just don't know how to sort out the local places. Already know about BayWrap and Co-op: what's on the waterfront?

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  1. Three Tides is wonderful, serving a tapas-style menu, but it's not open for lunch, only dinner (but ask, perhaps this summer?). Chase's Daily, right on Maine street west of the light, is excellent; most of the vegies and produce are sourced from the Chase family farm. Restaurant serves as coffee bar, art gallery, farm market and bakery.

    You're probably already familiar with Darby's--creative, worldly menu, and the Co-op, which has a self-serve/order-at-the-counter cafe--better yet, get it to go and take it to the waterfront park.

    I'm seeing a friend from Belfast tomorrow evening. She's a foodie. If I get a chance, I'll ask her if there's anything new.

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      My vote would be Young's Lobster Pound! On the water, pick out your own lobster, they will cook it and you sit down and enjoy!!! Don't forget to add some steamers to that order as well.....the best lunch in Belfast, as far as I'm concerned! ;-)