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Yakitori Bincho & Fire Permits


Turns out they don't have the right kind . . . or any . . . or something.

They are now closed. Can't say if this is temporary or not but thought I should post to help people avoid disappointment.

We now return to your regularly scheduled program . . .

  1. That is really sad to hear!!! I hope they are able to get this cleared up and open up again SOON. They worked so hard to provide such quality food.

    1. gah, i knew i should have gone there last week. argh!

        1. Thanks for the info, Frommtron.

          Very sad news, indeed. :( If anyone finds out when they open (or gasp, have to move, etc.), please report back for all of us; I'll try to get a hold of Tomo-san as well.

          1. This is horrible. I hope they get things sorted out soon. If they can't get their fire permit resolved, I hope they move somewhere where they won't get harassed for providing some of the best food in the South Bay. :(

            1. Oh noes!!! None of the neighboring yakitori places were close to being this good. :(

                1. I firmly believe that 90% of their business is derived from chowhound based on this thread lol

                  1. If I read the original thread about this place correctly, their vent system was, ahem, rudimentary. My memory of a quick look at the set-ups at SSG 's and at various Korean BBQ places leads me to conclude that if you're in effect running a wood-fired grill indoors, the city wants you to have a massive smoke-removal system, and probably a fire-surpression system in place, or you don't do business.

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                    1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                      You're telling me no doors and a large fan is not an effective smoke removal system? shens.

                      1. re: ns1

                        I'm not sayin' nothin' about what I think; I'm sayin' what I think the guvmint thinks, and THEY apparently think you need fans like turbo-jet engines and a hard-installed fire system

                        1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                          it was a joke ;) I guess such nuances are lost on the internet

                          1. re: ns1

                            apologies; I'm a little punchy, and now I'm not gettin' yakitori this weekend!

                      2. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                        I think the bincho charcoal that is used is supposed to be smokeless and safe for indoor use.

                        Now, selling the county inspectors on that concept is probably not going to fly.

                        I just hope that these guys can afford the price of the ventilation and sprinklers they'll have to install. Not to mention the money lost while having to stay closed. It doesn't look good for Yakitori Bincho, at least not this interation.

                        Fingers crossed.

                        1. re: Frommtron

                          Installing ventilation with traps and scrubbers is no cheap or easy proposition. If sprinklers are required as well, I think YB should consider another place. Sprinklers alone are probably at least $20G-30G.

                          I'm sure Tomo-san and his wife have been weighing their options but considering the core of this type of business is very portable, I am hoping that he and his wife might consider temporary operations off-site or moving - anything as simple as a booth at a farmers markets or festivals has incredible marketing potential for them, to just picking up their roots and moving into either a part of town that is more user-friendly or ideally into a space that already has the basic infrastructure.

                      3. yikes. i'ma make some phone calls.

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                        1. re: rameniac

                          Make 'em stat... no joke... And I'm for starting up a collection...

                        2. Well if they are going to be forced to move someplace else (local I hope), I volunteer to help pack and move. Anyone else with me? Um one small thing...I don't speak Japanese. Rameniac, I nominate you coordinator. Bulavinka sounds like you are already in!

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                          1. re: leetmom7

                            Count me in, I don't want to see such a wonderful eatery go under. There has got to be a better location to move to without having to update what is there. How do the other Yakitori restaurants do it? If that can be found out then they at least have a chance to finding a solution.

                            1. re: leetmom7

                              Oh, you betcha... I can make time on weekends...

                            2. What a bummer! I was actually planning to go there tomorrow night. Hope they get it worked out, soon!

                              1. Yeah, I went there last Sunday when it was completely locked up and me and my group looked really strange standing in the middle of a crowded boardwalk, in front of a boarded up shop with our jaws hanging down.

                                Ive yet to try it but this isnt the first time my efforts have been thwarted. We went on a Friday night (5/30) and were told we shouldve made reservations because by that time, (if I remember correctly it was about 8:30 or so)
                                they were "out of chicken parts" and couldnt serve us. (the hostess's quote, not mine)

                                Im getting discouraged, but with the reviews and the few fleeting moments I had smelling the yakitori grilling away ...yeah, i'll be back.

                                1. Folks, we're locking further discussion of this permit issue at this point. While we're as disappointed as anyone, repeated conjecture about this restaurant's permit status, discussion of fire code, etc, is too far off point.

                                  When someone confirms news of their reopening, we'd love to hear about it.