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Jun 12, 2008 11:06 PM

Is Spruce worth it?

Hi chowhounds - Visiting my son in SF in a week and he has chosen several places to take us to while we're there - mostly casual, fun spots that are his favorites. We were thinking of doing one more nice, upscale evening - what do you think of Spruce? I've checked out the website - is it worth the price or over-hyped?


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  1. It's sophisticated, lively, a bit noisy. I went with a group of friends and we all thought it was too expensive for a return visit. I guess it all depends on your financial means. For an average wage earner, it's expensive. I loved the quality of the wine glasses, very thin. I'd return for the wine and would like to try their hamburger on homemade English muffin, that would not break the bank. The dessert we all loved was the warm homemade elephant ears (I forgot the French name) served peeking out of a folded napkin.

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      It is quite expensive, but the burger is the best I have had and it will only set you back about $15. It's on the bar menu only, but you can order it if you are seated at a table. The famed Zuni burger, albeit a different style of burger, cannot compare to the Spruce burger.

    2. Has he been to Jack Falstaff?

      1. I think it's worth it, in that the quality of the food and the experience compares favorably to the price. Beautiful room, crisp service, great place for a local to take parents for dinner. The burger as mentioned by others is fantastic, but the menu is full of crowd pleasers. We tried a number of dishes on the menu and didn't have any clunkers.