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Jun 12, 2008 09:28 PM

LA Foodie goes to St.Louis

Hey all of you in St. Louis.I'm in town for 2 days, I'm arriving tomorrow afternoon,6/13.I've been reading up on all your great posts about the local St. Louis foods like the toasted ravioli and the St. Louis pizza.What are my must do spots for my in and out trip to St. Louis this weekend?It's been years since I was in St. Louis, pre-foodie years, and I want to make the most of it.Thanks.

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  1. I will bet that L.A. does not have a restaurant that specializes in barley dishes cooked in iron skillets....Try Iron Barley
    (314) 351-4500
    5510 Virginia Ave
    St Louis, MO

    1. Please, Oh, Please, don't judge St. Louis food on the basis of fried ravioli or the orange processed-cheese-food substitute pizza. Go to Niche, Go to the Crossing, Go to Giovanni's on the Hill(if you want real traditional St. Louis Italian) Go to Ted Drewe's and have a concrete. Try some of the dozens of good new restaurants that are making St Louis dining exciting., 1111, Vin de Set, Sidney St. Cafe, Monarch Grill, American Place, etc.

      1. Second Iron Barley.

        I assume that you are looking for St. Louis specialties rather than just a good restaurant that happens to be in St. Louis. When I'm traveling part of the fun for me is trying the regional specialties, especially something I can't get at home.
        My idea of a great St. Louis pizza is crispy, thin, home made crust with slightly carbonized edges. I like the sauce slightly sweet with either crispy bacon or sausage in which you can taste the fennel. My favorite is Fratelli's in St. Charles, but everyone has a favorite usually fairly close to home. If you don't like the provel you can ask for mozzarella. There are lots of family run "St. Louis Italian" places. They just about all have toasted ravioli too. Is this new, inventive, trendy, precious food? No but it is very tasty and people like it. You probably will have leftovers which seems to be a sin these days but hey you're almost in the south and we don't want anybody leaving hungry.

        Definitely would try to go to Niche because Gerard Craft uses as much locally sourced food as he can and it is thoughtfully prepared. He was featured as one of Food and Wine's best new chefs. Save room for dessert.

        Crown Candy Kitchen on St. Louis Ave. Love the Banana shake. Best for lunch.

        Try to have a pork steak. While common in our back yards, this is hard to find in a restaurant. Lil Mickeys in St. Peters has them, and sometimes BBQs on parking lots put on by the churches have them.

        A St. Paul sandwich is pretty tasty again if you can find one. They are usually available at "chop suey" joints but sometimes regular "Chinese Restaurants" have them especially now that they have been on a few food programs. We have a place in St. Charles that has them but I can't find the name. The places I've eaten them in were in St. Louis but I'm not sure if they even had names.

        Two restaurants that I like --no, love:
        The Pitted Olive on Hampton well prepared food and they just make you feel welcome and they are glad you came.
        Stellina Pasta on Watson- great sandwiches, salads and home made pasta. The pulled pork sandwich with carmelized onions-fabulous

        1. Thanks for the recs, unfortunately, I found out this morning that we would be staying Columbia, not St. Louis.Damn! Anyways, thanks.Send any Columbia suggestions if you have them.I will try to see if I can find any St. Louis food here.

          You are right on wekick, I'm looking for St. Louis specialties.I have high regard for the St. Louis scene and am aware that world class chefs and restaurants are here, but I want to become familiar with the local specialties.If I get more opportunities to return I will try more of a variety of restaurants.Thanks again.

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            I'm sure you won't have a problem finding st. louis style pizza and toasted ravioli in Columbia! Heck, you can always just get one from Imo's there.

            Honestly, though it's often criticized on these boards, I love provel cheese and st. louis style pizza in general. It's one food we missed a lot when we lived outside of the area.

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              There are some great places in Columbia. Oh, do you mean Columbia Mo. or Illinois?

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                  Sky Hi--A sport's bar my neice took me to but pretty good food
                  My fav if you don't mind a 20 mile drive is Glenn's in Boonville
                  Chris mcD's haven't been but good reviews
                  Search this board for other ideas

            2. Were you in Columbia for the "WEDDING"? I'll bet you got some good chow there.

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              1. re: steveb

                I was workin' the wedding, and you know how that goes. 1st course-security screening;2nd course-enter through the back and don't address guests;3rd course-do this do that, nag, nag.....4th course-get out of our face

                The guests received a cuisine d'auteur foo foo meal.I've still got singe marks from the ensuing fireworks enslaught that went near the parking lot as we were trying to leave after the reception.

                I tore apart an Imo's pizza before the wedding and we drowned away the event's bitter taste with some Schafly's pal ale, not bad at all.The St. Louis style pizza was great, and I might add, my new 3AM craving.Thanks again for all your help.I look forward to more Missouri visits, next time without the hospitality of a certain family.

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                  I'm totally clueless about who got married this weekend in Columbia! :oP

                  But I'm THRILLED that someone else loves Imo's. LOL

                  1. re: lrstl

                    I'm curious too and even googled variations on that.

                    1. re: hill food

                      Found it! Paige Laurie (she of the Walmart clan and the Paige Arena scandal).

                      1. re: hill food

                        Found it! It's Paige Laurie (she of the Walmart clan and the Paige Arena scandal at Mizzou).