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Need Sushi recs. in Murry Hill area...

Can anyone recommend their best Sushi finds in the Murry Hill area, i have a bad habit of going to Misu Sushi all the time, and it's good, but i feel there are others out there i should be trying!



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  1. Try Sushi Sen-nin on E. 33 St. between Park and Madison.

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      Haven't been there for a while, but second the rec based on great memories...

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        Love Japanese food (my wife is Japanese) and regularly go out to a few favorite places (Torisu for yakitori, Sakagura, etc). I read the numerous recommendations of Sushi Sen-nin, and went there for lunch today, had the prix fixe sushi lunch (5 pieces of sushi, one spicy tuna roll). Total price = $30. It was INCREDIBLY disappointing, given all the hype. Quality of fish was simply "not very good." It wasn't bad, it just wasn't very good - looked and tasted as if it had been sitting out a bit too long, flabby texture. I don't think there was a native Japanese sushi chef in the place (perhaps the senior itamae-san is Japanese, but I heard no Japanese spoken in the restaurant). The waitstaff was nice, but not polished - I left the fish half-eaten, and no one inquired why. Two other pet peeves here -- 1) The bill total was $27, I put down 2 twenties, and they gave back 3 dollars and a ten - that is simply either presumptuousness of a lack of thinking; and 2) this one absolutely floored me - the check came with one of those tiny Hershey's Mr. Goodbar's - chocolate is probably the last thing you want in your mouth after a sushi meal, and the rock-bottom chocolate with peanuts is the worst option in this really dismal direction. I can't recommend this place if someone wants real Japanese sushi. There must be much better places.

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          $13 is correct change if you left $40 for a $27 bill. I actually like the Hershey's chocolate candy (I personally don't like Mr. Goodbar, but the plain chocolate is just right for me after a sashimi dinner.) As the saying goes "chacun a son gout". I stand by my recommendations of Sushi Sen-nin.

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              I found the fish to be fresher than others (not Yasuda of course) but the rice to be too dense. They use a black vinegar which may or may not have been the cause. For the money, it didn't seem worth it, except maybe for sashimi...

          1. It may be on the far limit of Murray Hill but, try Yama, at 49th and Second, about 100 feet from the corner, where Mee Noodle is located. Its the newest, best designed Yama. Not as crowded as the original. Very good sushi, good rolls, tempura, pretty room. Best we've had in the midtown area, essentially, unless you spend a whole lot more money.

              1. Yasuda is not that far...

                1. Used to order from Azuki when I lived in MH.

                  1. I would recommend Yama on Irving---(not really in Murray Hill but close)
                    sushi is yummy---but the atmosphere not so nice.

                    1. I would also recommend Aquamarine on 2nd Ave. if you're looking to dine out. With a waterfall in the back and and trendy decorations (for a sushi place), it's a fun place to meet friends for sushi/drinks. Also, the sushi is pretty goood and they have a bunch of interesting rolls.

                      1. Ummm.. that's what you get for following Japanese recommendations on here....

                        One reliable neighborhood place in Murray Hill is Mishima at 30th and lex

                        If you're wife is japanese, however, I'm not sure why she hasn't convinced you to walk up the hill a little..... there's FANTASTIC Japanese to be had at Tsukushi, very much a neighborhood secret to the Japanese, and of course Yasuda's lunch, which is cheaper than what you paid at Sen-in. And what's the deal with your change?

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                          Hi raji,

                          Not sure if you are responding to OP, as scrantonian is the one whose wife is Japanese, not the OP.

                          Agree totally about Tsukushi that it is fantastic, but it is not really sushi-focused and not what OP is looking for. However, I do think that scrantonian and his wife will greatly appreciate and enjoy Tsukushi.

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                            Responding to scrantonian in the context of Murray Hill, which is pretty much dead when it comes to jp food. For the OP, what do you think about Mishima since they renovated a few years ago?
                            And because there's so MUCH just north of 42nd, yes I was curious, as only a Japanese national from out of town might not know that, and not for long...

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                              Are you saying that sushi is sometimes served at Tsukushi? That would surprise me. BTW, do you know what the Tsukushi guy's name is? He told me and I forgot.

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                                Sushi, no, sashimi and sashimi appetizers, yes, I've had many times. From what I called I had a whole platter of sashimi the last time I was there.

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                                  Um, lately my English has been confusing a lot of people.

                                  What I meant was that it is not a sushi restaurant (hence not sushi-focused) and that's why it is not what OP is looking for.

                                  As raji mentioned, sashimi is always served (and they will remember what kind of sashimi you like if you go often). Onigiri, ochazuke, or some sort of rice dish at the end. Not sushi.

                            2. Tony Sushi is edible, i'm not sure if Akasaka is still in business but they were on 2nd and 36th.