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Jun 12, 2008 08:16 PM

Tastespotting... oh noes!

From the homepage of TS today:

"Thanks for a great 18 months! In light of recent legal complications, NOTCOT will no longer be operating"

Dude. Duuuuuuuude. I haven't been this upset about a website since Bravo took over Television Without Pity.

Anyone have dirt? So sad!

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  1. I KNOW! I just went to upload an entry and *poof* - TS is gone. Going to email someone and see if I can find anything out. Really weird....and depressing.

    1. I'm really upset too! It was my favorite site....

      1. I am crushed. I use to visit that site AT LEAST once a day.

        I had been wondering this morning why it hadn't uploaded anything new since yesterday.

        1. This is a joke, right??

          A nasty, evil joke??

          Please tell me it isn't so??

          1. That's really too bad; and with no warning, too.... There were so many links that there must have been some which were not original and perhaps that's what was the downfall.