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Jun 12, 2008 08:03 PM

Foodie from LA in Baltimore

Its only for one dinner but, I wanted to eat something different and cheap and maybe see an interesting part of Baltimore at the same time. I'm not actually "from LA" just living there right now, and I've been eating a lot of delicious Mexican, Korean, Japanese & Persian food. I've never been to Baltimore and I'm gonna be there alone but I'll have my tomtom so pretty sure I'll be able to get around. I'd appreciate any ideas. I'm a relatively adventurous diner and spicy is great for me.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. For a solid Baltimore meal, I would suggest Duda's in Fells Point. Great local atmosphere and a good place to sit at the bar by yourself to enjoy some food. On Fridays, they have a $0.40 steamed shrimp which makes for a nice starter (10 will do). Saddle up with a fantastic crab cake and a half dozen $1 boh cans. You can be out of there for $25!

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      1. re: gregb

        With all of the really good beers at Duda's (they have a great selection), it would be a shame to drink Natty Boh, even if they are only $1.

        1. re: Hal Laurent

          For heymary's specific request. I thought I would give her the "cheap" option. Also, there's nothing wrong with sitting down to a crabcake and a can of Boh. What can be more of a Baltimore meal than that?

      2. The Helmand on Charles street is has fantastic food at a great price. I believe it is Afagani food.

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        1. re: maddogg280

          it is afghani and it's fabulous. pumpkin app is a must.

          1. re: rudmansjmu

            I'm going to third this suggestion- if you eat in only one place in Baltimore, this is the best! And it's not expensive. If you are going on a weekend night be sure to make a reservation.

        2. Please eat at Pazo. It is at Harbor East, which is a hip new area right downtown. It has gorgeous decor and delicious food and is not expensive. You can get Tapas or a Meal. We usually split 7-8 Tapas between the two of us. It's amazing :) Have fun!

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          1. re: Emacita

            I couldn't disagree more, Pazo is overpriced and underwelming.

            1. re: hon

              I agree with your disagreement.

              1. re: baltoellen

                I agree with that agreement...unless you WANT Baltimore's kinda LA kinda like place...
                I still say Helmand, but also agree with both Duda's and Fells Point in about Peter's Inn? It's a great place to dine alone since you can sit at the bar and the people are usually very friendly.

                1. re: baltoellen

                  Pazo is merely OK, and it's gone downhill lately IMHO.

            2. Agree with Helmand for what you're after...