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Jun 12, 2008 07:07 PM

Poblano Cream Sauce

Had an amazing fish dish while I was on business this week. It was topped with a Poblano cream sauce that was to die for. I'm sure I can replicate this with a few tries, but thought I'd see if any hounds have a recipe they use for this sauce.

Just some details: It was not terrible cheesy, but did have a thick consistancy of a cream based sauce. The poblano was ever so present but didn't seem to permeate the dish. Also, it was topped with Panela, or Queso Para Freir. It was hard to tell since the poblano sauce was so flavorful, but I tend to lean toward the latter since the cheese had a distinctively salty taste.

I just love poblanos, and I have to say this sauce was magnificent!!!

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  1. M cookbooks are temporarily packed in boxes so I don't have the recipe at hand, but there's a very simple and delicious recipe in one of Rick Baylesss' books.

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      Duh! For some reason it didn't even dawn on me to check my Bayless..What wasn't I thinking. I'm going to start there.

    2. I have made poblano cream sauce a few times and it is easy and delicious. You seed and chop the fresh (not roasted) poblanos and put them in the blender with some milk. Make a roux of butter and flour and add the poblano mixture, s&p. A fresh lovely taste. I did this first for a chicken breast recipe from the book México the Beautiful, but have seen the same thing in several Mexican cookbooks since then. I may be forgetting something, so be sure to look at a few recipes first!

      1. I make this sauce pretty often I do roast my Poblano then peel amd seed. I put it in the blender. then I add a bit of chicken stock for a rich flavor and cook it down I finish it with heavy cream. It is very rich and velvety. Really good over chicken or shrimp. I also use it for a crepe sauce.

        1. Check Bayless or Kennedey But when I riff on that sauce I use some sauteed onions, roasted and peeled poblano, roasted garlic (just pan roasted is fine), and mexican crema. No roux for me. Add acid in the form of lime juice or even white vinegar if it needs it. Salt/pepper too. If I need to thicken I use masa or ground up pumpkin seeds (the latter add a different flavor but I love it). Crema varies. I can get it fresh from the local Mexican grocery, but we have also used the more shelf stable ones. You can use sour cream, but depending on the sour cream may need to thin with a bit of milk.

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            I somewhat combined the bayless and what you've described above. I didn't like the idea of crème fraîche and went with the mexicana crema, as I think it has less of a bite. I was very pleased with this product, but the only thing I'll do differently next time is add an extra poblano. I so enjoy the flavor that I thought it was a bit drowned out by the crema and roux. Otherwise, I think I have a winner.

            Thanks everyone for your input!