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Jun 12, 2008 06:49 PM

Dog Watch, Stonington, CT

Just back from our maiden voyage to Dog Watch, a new restaurant in Stonington, CT. It appears to have all the makings of a winner: fantastic location on the water with beautiful sunsets (Dodson's Boat Yard), tasty food, and it was packed.

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  1. Can you tell more about it? Menu, prices, hours etc?

    1. where is this exactly?

      I know where Skippers Dock is.....

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        I didn't really pay attention to prices, but two of us had appetizer/soup, two drinks apiece, dessert, and coffee with our dinner, ant the check came to $87.xx. I did notice that generic gin & tonic was $5.00, and Gosling's & coke was $5.50.

        I had a special dinner, blackened NY sirloin with a cheesy (Roquefort?) sauce. Delicious. It was served with a vegetable medley and mashed potatoes, good but not spectacular.

        My wife had a shrinp scampi sort of thing. She thought it looked dry, but it turned out to be "perfect," not loaded with garlic, and the rice was just right.

        Appetizer/soup: I had the chicken poblano soup (also a special, I think), which was very tasty. I got to help with the buffalo wings (waitress recommended mildly hot rather than hot). I don't usually eat buffalo wings, but they tasted good to me. Lots of sauce -- don't know if that's typical of buffalo wings, but it worked for me.

        Dessert: We split two desserts -- Death by chocolate and Key lime pie. I'm a chocoholic, but I preferred the pie, which was on the rich side.

        Take Exit 91 off I-95 south toward Stonington Boro. Dog Watch is on your right as you drive over the bridge going into the boro. Make a sharp right at the end of the bridge.

        They don't take reservations. We went on a Thursday night and felt lucky to get seated right away. Live entertainment Friday and Saturday, I think.

      2. Is this the old Boom Restaurant site?

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        1. re: chowmensch

          Yes, it is. This is a terrific new addition to the Stonington choices!

        2. Dogwatch has been tastefully renovated and now boasts a very modern and clean interior. While I think it is a good addition to the restaurant scene it doesn't really offer anything different. You could easily be sitting in any waterside restaurant from CT to ME which can be taken as a good and bad thing. The predictable menu has the typical seafood, chicken and beef dishes which are all competently prepared and satisfactory. Clam chowder, fried oysters, calamari, various salads, grilled swordfish, sirloins, etc. A positive was that I found the prices to be very reasonable but have heard that they will most likely raise their prices in the coming months once they are a little more established. While I wouldn't shy anyone away from Dogwatch, there are many other restaurants on my favorites list ahead of this place. I guess if I wanted to stay in the Borough and Water Street Café and Milagro's was full, I would probably head there. Otherwise, Up the River, Bravo Bravo, AZU and DPI are all ahead of it in my mind.

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            I agree with you, we went to Dog Watch. I thought the food was good but not great. The prices were reasonable and it was a nice place to be.