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Jun 12, 2008 06:46 PM

Need a cheese store in Ocean County

I liked this topic from another thread, so I'm borrowing it and re-localizing...Looking for specialty or gourmet cheese shops in Ocean County. Would appreciate your opinions about the selection and quality of cheeses, and whether the staff is knowledgable. If we get desparate, are there any supermarkets with particularly good offerings in their cheese section? Thanks.

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  1. I'm not in Ocean County, but if you have a Wegmans nearby, they usually have a very good cheese department with knowledgeable people. Also, Whole Foods has a good cheese dept as well. Have you checked out Joe Leone's in PPB? I've only gotten take out from there, but they do have a cheese section. Avoid it like the plague on the weekends in the summer, though.

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      There is a cheese shop in Manaloking across from the bakery

      1. re: Babs16

        Charlie's Cheese Shop
        491 Rte 35
        Mantoloking, NJ 08738
        Phone: (732) 793-3305

    2. The Bay Head Cheese Shop, on Bridge Avenue in Bay Head, is small but has a very nice selection. They are very helpful as well.

      1. The Cheese Shoppe and Pearl Street Market, both on LBI, carry great selections of cheese.

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          Second the Cheese Shoppe. Although you'll usually get the LBI high schooler staff, the proprietress is sometimes there, and is very knowledgeable. They let you taste, too, which is a must for me. They have cheese, pates, some bread, and dry goods (box pasta, high end chips and crackers). If you get a chance to go in October, during their last weekend open of the season, the sales are off the hook.

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            Thanks for the tip on that. I don't think I have ever been in the Cheese Shoppe, and the note about the sale is great. Do they send you a notice about it?

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              Retailers of perishables on the island have their big fire sale at the end of the season. Last fall, I considered getting a deli slicer since one store was selling whole boiled Boar's Head hams for less than $20.

              Which weekend that is, I think, depends on the weather.

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