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Fried Chicken in Westchester?

Pregnant girl has a craving. Had it at Piper's Kilt last week and it was very good. Any other suggestions?

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  1. bayou in mount vernon. for take out, poultry time in newro.

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      Poultry Time on Quaker Ridge Road in New Rochelle-- the classic!

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          poultry time definitely is open.

    2. I really like the fried chicken at Sherwood's in Larchmont, I haven't been to Bayou or Poulty Time, so I can't compare, but I did go to college in the south where the best dinner was fried chicken. At Sherwoods, the crust is crispy but there is lots of greasy (in the best sense) flavor at the same time. Portion is large, usually take 1/2 home for lunch.

      1. Had very good fried chicken at High Street Roadhouse in Rye.

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          I stil haven't been able to get over there since the opening. Someone told me the Fried Chicken is very good!

        2. I'm going to get crushed on the board for this. But when I have a fried chicken craving it's usually because I want that well seasoned crunchy skin. I hate to say it, but....the Colonel never disappoints!

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            I agree, jhopp. I just didn't have the courage to admit it on this board.

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              I'm cool with the colonel, but while I never tried the chicken at Sherwood's, I was witha friend there once who ordered it and he said it tasted a lot like KFC (but didn't think it was a bad thing), so if AR wants KFC-like fried chicken in a sit-down situation, perhaps Sherwoods is a good compromise?

            2. +1 For The Bayou, there fried chicken is amazing, Comes with slaw and slab of cornbread as well.

              1. OK- I love KFC! But have you noticed they now use plastic containers for the meals instead of the box and it makes the crust soggy??!!
                I tried Poultry Time. The chicken had great flavor but it was almost cold - I wonder if you can call ahead and order fresh?

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                  Last time I was at KFC it was the old reliable bucket. I picked it up and didn't get back home for 40 minutes. Still nice and warm and crunchy. I did have to warm up the gravy for the mashed potatoes though.

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                    KFC? KFC? You didn't say KFC- please tell me.

                2. I'll probably get flamed too, but Stew Leonard's is pretty good (in the hot food section of course...).

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                    If fast food is where we are going on this thread, then why not Popeye's? Their spicy is pretty formidable,

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                      I agree with you Nick... Now if they would only have another location in Westchester besides the Ardsley rest stop on the Thruway. Although, I've been known to make a special trip there, when the craving hits!

                      And I love their biscuits too!

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                        Yes, I agree their biscuits are also great: you had to figure they were serious when Popeyes was agonizing over whether they would eliminate the trans fat in their biscuits. BTW, as a 'hound who sat at the counter for the red beans and rice at Buster Holmes's old place in New Orleans, I think Popeyes' beans and rice can also be pretty satisfying.

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                          Love the red beans and rice, also the dirty rice - they call it "Cajun rice" now, right? It used to be spicier too...but still soooo gooood...I too have made special trips to the highway rest stop (hangs head)

                  2. When I need a quick fix I get the chicken wings at our local take-out Chinese (Manchu Garden in Port Chester). They are delicious!

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                      I got chicken wings one night at East Bamboo in Eastchester and was totally surpised how good they were. The hot dipping sauce was also excellent.

                    2. I'm surprised no one's mentioned Yvonne's in Pelham. Went there last week - atmosphere is really relaxing, staff is very helpful, and the fried chicken is great (my dad got it but I tasted his... FYI the pigs feat are also great).

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                        We have been meaning to try it - I had a fried chicken craving the other night. Next time....

                      2. Stay away from Garden Catering in Mamaroneck at all costs. Their "famed" nuggets and legs and breasts are greasy, salty, and grey.

                        If you're going that sinfull taste route, KFC and Popeye's are in higher league.

                        Here's a great recipe from NY Times former food writer Jane Brody for home made baked "un fried" "skinless" chicken that's healthy and scrumptous. And a snap -- about the time to call the Colonel and pick up... and just as tasty.


                        6 de-skinned chicken drumsticks
                        1/2 cup skim or low-fat milk for soaking the chicken
                        1/2 cup plain dry bread crumbs or cereal crumbs
                        1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese
                        1 tablespoon dried parsley flakes, crumbled
                        1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, or to taste
                        Vegetable oil spray for the chicken, if desired*


                        1. Place the skinless chicken drumsticks in a shallow bowl or pan, and cover them with the milk. Let the chicken soak for 15 minutes or longer making sure it is evenly coated with the milk. Refrigerate, if necessary, to keep the ingredients cold.
                        2. In a shallow bowl or pie plate, combine the bread crumbs or cereal crumbs, cheese, parsley flakes and pepper.
                        3. One by one, dip the soaked chicken pieces in the breading moisture, coating the chicken on all sides. Set the coated chicken pieces on a greased baking sheet, preferably one with a nonstick surface. Lightly spray the chicken pieces with vegetable oil spray, if desired.
                        4. Bake the chicken in oven preheated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes or until fully cooked.

                        SMACK YOUR LIPS, LADY

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                        1. re: louuuuu

                          Never had Garden Catering in Mamk or New Rochelle, but had it in Greenwich when it was known as Chicken Joe's. It was delicious. Greasy, yes, but absolutely delicious meat.

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                            Garden Catering is certainly a polarizting topic around here. I've been slammed for liking it - opposite of LL.

                            I think their nuggest are wonderful adn meaty, although their whole pieces are not the best. They're better than KFC, but I can make better fried chicken.

                            1. re: Avalondaughter

                              GC REDUX

                              From a slammer. .

                              Tried the new one in DT Stamford.

                              THE GOOD: Far better than Mamaroneck. Clean as a whistle. Counter woman right out of central casting. Everyone was hon, and darlin', sweetie, spoken in a voice that has probably seen it all.

                              Gave me lots of samples. Nuggest ARE better than pieces... but that's the batter speaking. Corn Fritters are really tasty.

                              Unlike previous incarnations in this location, they know how to serve a quay. And you can't beat the prices.

                              THE BAD. Lotsa deepfrying in hot grease.

                              THE UGLY:cholesterol on tap. Cardiac City.

                          2. re: louuuuu

                            I got slammed by someone recently when I bashed Garden Catering in Mamaroneck. Can't recall which thread but thank you louuuuuu for posting about it here. I agree. I find the place a greasy, yicky mess.

                          3. Grandma's Pies in Yorktown makes excellent fried chicken, they broast it. If only the fries that come with it were better.

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                                When I inserted "Broasted Chicken" in the Search above, one of the explanations that appeared described it as a method of preparing chicken combining pressure cooking and deep frying concepts. If interested you might go to http://www.broaster.com/about.htm.

                                1. re: EIF1lady

                                  That method makes great fried chicken I just never heard it referred to as broasted.

                            1. Went there today for a fried chicken fix and they are out of business. Does anyone know what happened?

                              Poultry Time
                              15 Quaker Ridge Rd, New Rochelle, NY 10804

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                                closed the end of sept. the rent was too high supposedly.they claim they will re-open nearby, but so far have not said where, probably not a done deal yet

                              2. Memphis Mae's in Croton has good fried chicken. And the smashed golden skins and cornbread go perfectly with it. http://www.memphismaes.com/

                                Memphis Mae's
                                173 S Riverside Ave, Croton On Hudson, NY 10520

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                                  Nobody out there has heard any rumors of Korean chicken chains (Kyochon etc...) eyeing Westchester or Fairfield, have they? Best chicken for my money, hands-down.

                                  125 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY

                                  1. re: Po Cho

                                    I would love it if a Korean style chicken place opened in the area. We go to Kyochon in Bayside, Queens when we visit family there. It is beyond crunchy and the side salad of pickled radish is a wonderful accompaniment.

                                2. It seems Yvonne's new reincarnation is opened:


                                  I can't wait to try it.

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                                    Found another alternative, have to try both:


                                    I like this from their site:

                                    "We serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Drop by Sunday before or after Church Service."

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                                      I checked the website and, unless I missed something, they are based in Georgia. It looks like they started in Mount Vernon, but I'm guessing that they relocated at some time.

                                      1. re: ltlevy

                                        !!!! Maybe I pulled up the wrong website. Here is the info I found on them:

                                        (914) 668-7335
                                        Mt Vernon
                                        284 E 3RD St
                                        Mt Vernon, NY 10553

                                        1. re: anonymouse1935

                                          Ah, yes... I see where the superpages site references the website in Atlanta. Unfortunately, it looks like no information outside of the address and phone number. I saw 2 positive reviews on some site, but they were both over a year old.