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Jun 12, 2008 06:07 PM

Scoring great soft shell crab in NOLA...

Hello! Coming to NOLA in the next 10 days and curious where to find some delicious soft shell crab.

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  1. i Love the soft shells at Clancy's. be sure to call ahead and ask if they have them. if so, reserve it...I always make sure to secure one before they sell out for the evening.

    Galatoire's does a good job as well.

    are you looking for fine dining or neighborhood seafood joints?

    1. 2nd for Clancy's-- my favorite soft shell I've ever had.

      I think Mandina's has a poboy, haven't tried it, but they have very good fried seafood, so I'd bet it's good.

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        For GREAT softshell, Brigtsen's. IMO the best. Call ahead, they don't have them all the time and they sell out early. Irene's, Vincent's, The Galley, Galatoire's, Mandinas (serves 2 on a plate) all do a nice job. August does an outstanding tempura Buster Crab. Not a fan of Clancy's smoked version. Johnny's has a decent ss poboy.

      2. Many people swear by the "Godzilla Meets Fried Green Tomatoes" entree at Jacques-Imo's. I've never had it, but the presentation alone looks well-worth the price of admission:

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          Second Godzilla, if it's on the menu.

        2. Your timing is perfect. The Lacombe Crab Festival is June 28th and 29th. Get the soft-shell crab po-boy or try the boiled.


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          1. re: Big Easy

            I agree with JazzyB...Brigtsen's.

            My wife and I often play the "Where/what was your best meal of all time" with fellow foodies.

            My best DINNER of all time included the crab entree at Brigtsen's.

            It would have been "Best Meal" but that goes to Katz's Deli in NYC.

            Happy chowing, Jason. I'm jealous.

            1. re: Big Easy

              Is soft shell crab season all year? Because I feel like Mandina's was serving them in the fall. (I live her ebut just moved here a year ago, so please excuse my ignorance).

              1. re: puma

                Frozen softshells are served year-round. If the crab has been properly handled (both prefreezing and post-defrosting), the results are still delicious.

            2. Well, I s'pose I cry into the wind here but I must remark that soft shells are subject to many and varied preparations---some of which are criminal---but "Modern Chefs" must make a "name" for themselves with an "innovative" version. I've encountered battered, deep fried soft-shells that were damn good...I will not disclose the conditions of either the state of crab (frozen?) nor the eater (late at night?) therof. I point the curious (as I have before) to H.L. Mencken's comments in his books "Happy Days", "Heathen Days",
              "Newspaper Days"...he remarks in those volumes that he detests "the New York scheme of frying soft-crabs in batter." In one of Mencken's deliberately humurous diatribes he wonders about the "assassin" who invented the "scheme of frying soft crabs in batter,"

              I've enjoyed fried soft-shells....but I hold to the Truth: fresh soft shells, recently(if only by minuites) demised, are best run-up on a fry skillet with a cook who knows what to do and when to do it. Great cooking is almost always simple.

              All that foregoing blather having been said....just ask the cook. You cannot go wrong if the kitchen knows what you want---better yet, if the kitchen has an opportunity to show YOU what THEY can do