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Jun 12, 2008 06:00 PM

Best seafood in Port "A" and Rockport?

Looking for fresh seafood in Port Aransas and Rockport, preferably boiled and not fried. Somewhere the locals go. Any ideas?

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  1. Our favorite in Port A is The Wharf. If you're getting off the ferry, its the first right on Cut Off Road. Any fresh fish in their garlic sauce is very good.

    1. Thanks for the rec. Have you ever been to Snoppy's? I think it is under the bridge. Never been, but I heard it was good.

      1. We always make a point of going to Shell's Seafood and Pasta. It's small and the food is delicious, especially for the area. I don't recall specifics as it's been a couple of years. I do recall, however, that if you get there too late, seating is difficult and they regularly run out of items.

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          Shell's is a great place. I agree with the seating. Ever been to the Venetian Hot Plate? Never been, but heard it was good. Hoping to try something new.

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            I like the Venetian Hot Plate but the couple we travel with LOVE it! They are in Port A more often than we are so they have been many times. I prefer Shells, of the two.

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              Thanks for the reply. I'm skeptical about the Venetian myself, but maybe one of these days I will have to check it out.

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                Venetian is very good and great atmosphere, but expensive. We only go to Snoopys if its close to sunset. Foods OK, not great, mostly fried items. We like Shells for lunch, but yes, its usually a wait for a table.

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                  Appreciate the info. I've heard Snoppy's has a good atmosphere. Ever heard of Lisabella's? I've been once before and really liked it. It is right next to the Tarpon Inn. It is expensive and you will need to bring your own wine. We were a little unprepared the first time we went and had to run to the stop-n-shop on the corner. Just in case anyone is interested the address is: 224 E. Cotter. I recommend reservations. I'm interested in trying The Wharf this time.

        2. Most of the seafood in Port A is fried. (For example: Fins, Island Cafe) This is not to say it's not good, but the majority of fish dishes are fried.

          I completely agree with the recommendations for Shell's and Lisabella's. Lisabella's has a lunch menu that's pretty similar to the dinner one, but lunch is considerably cheaper. At Shell's the fish sandwich is pretty popular.

          I've also heard good things about Cafe Phoenix on Beach St. (not open Sundays & Mondays). I haven't been there, but there menu looks good and includes crabcakes and tuna steaks.

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            Thanks for the info. I was not aware Lisabella's is open for lunch. Never heard of Cafe Phoenix before. I love crabcakes so this would be a good option.

            1. re: SFO

              Cafe Phoenix just opened a few months ago. In fact, they don't even have much of a sign yet. However, it has been packed each time I've been in. It is across the street from Venetian Hot Plate. Venetian has long been our standard for a high end meal in Port A. However, Cafe Phoenix is quickly surpassing it. Cafe Phoenix just started doing dinner a few nights a week and is open for lunch most days (maybe not Sunday and Monday or something like that). Last time I was in, they didn't have an alcohol license yet and it was BYOB (easier on the pocketbook). The owner/chef was the chef at Beulah's/Pelican Club for years -- but don't expect their crabcakes. I think the Cafe Phoenix version is better -- lots of crab -- yum!

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              Edit: Lisabella's appears to have changed their menu. The food wasn't bad the last time I went a few weeks ago, but it was not what I remember. We tried their early bird specials. The crabcake was pretty good with a lot of crab, and I especially liked the dressing they used on the accompanying dinner salad. They are no longer open for lunch.

            3. hemingway's in rockport is very good, but a little on the pricey side. surprisingly high end in such a location.

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                I checked out the website and the menu is very eclectic - much more than just seafood. The only place I've ever been in Rockport is The Boiling Pot. It was a while back and I'm not sure if it is still good.