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Jun 12, 2008 06:00 PM


Dear Chowers, I enjoy good European Chocolate --But am not what you'd call a "chocoholic". HOWEVER, since tasting the rich, buttery, crumbley bitter-sweet "Chocolate Fleur de Sel Cookies" from Cafe' M' de Chaya, I've dreamed of these non-stop, and I beleive I may (unless I hear otherwise) have developed the first to be documented case of
'Chocolate/Fleur de Sel Induced Sleep Apnea'. I've thought about writing into Gourmet Mag. to see if they can secure the recipe. I assume it's a very well-guarded trade secret?
I found no such recipe in Chowhound's list as yet & nothing on I did find through GOOGLE, a Pierre Hermes/Dorie Greenspan Recipe, one from Clotilde, and another from J. Vinyards. All contain no eggs, except for one. One calls for using half whole wheat flour, and another uses pastry flour. The ones at M Cafe have the salt sprinkled on top, & they are perfection. The other recipes seem to incorporate the fleur de sel into the dough. Does anyone know or have the Cafe' M. Recipe? If not, can anyone lead me to which of the recipes out there most closely approximates these? Please help.
I'm losing a lot of sleep.........................................................................................JET

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  1. No recipe...sorry... but we do LOVE the Fleur de Sel Eclairs at Boule...


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      Have you tried the fleur de sel macarons there? Last time I was there they were out but I was very curious as to how they were. The other ones I tried were a little cloying.

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        No... I can't ever seem to get past the Meyer Lemon one... ;D


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        Thanks, Dommy, Gotta try these!! -JET

      3. I woulld suggest writing a nice letter or calling and asking them. I get a lot of recipes that way. If you get the recipe please post.

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          Hi Paper-Cutter, I'll try, but it seems most restaurants guard theeir recipes as they're in the business of making $$. In other words, why release the recipe when customers go there & buy them ready-made? BUT, I will try. Oh, I forgot to mention that the original French proprietor/chef of M Cafe' & his Japanese wife co-wrote two cookbooks which were featured on the front counters of their various locations. I was mistakenly assured that many of the recipies within were of items served there in the restaurant. I bought both through Amazon, & it's NOT true!! -JET

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            It's funny, because I do it all the time and I usually get it. In fact I was at restaurant today and I got two recipes. Will look too, good luck.

        2. The dorie greenspan "world peace" cookies are rolled into a log and put into the frig for several hours, then the log can be rolled in demerara sugar before slicing and baking. I've done them that way, and they do look like they have the fleur de sel on the outside. Could it be raw sugar on the top? Cause the dorie greenspan recipe is about as good a cookie as I have ever had in my life.

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            Hi NeNe, No, the sprinkeling on-top is positively fleur de sel, but the ones in Dorie's book are called "sables", as they have a sandy texture. They are in her Paris Sweets Book. Best, JET