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Jun 12, 2008 05:47 PM

BBQ in North Jersey - help!!

I am trying ti find a good rib place in North Jersey (Bergen County). Any suggestions?

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  1. Cross the border into Rockland County on Route 303 to Blauvelt NY (just a short distance after the Lowe's )...Turn left on Erie Street to Bailey's Smokehouse. There's nothing in Bergen County as good as this.

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    1. re: nancyl126

      I 2nd Nancy's rec. In addition to great BBQ, the grilled sausage, and the buffalo wings are really good too.

      1. re: nancyl126

        One caveat with Bailey' ahead because they ALWAYS run out of essential things on their menu like the ribs and sausage.
        That said, I would run over my grandma for their pulled pork potato skins! I just gained 5 lbs by writing about them.

        1. re: HungryRubia

          I'm trying to "watch" and I ordered the pulled chicken the other night. It was enough for 2 meals. Very tasty. Even my picky kids liked it.

      2. FWIW- Hot Peppers has already been to Bailey's and did not like it:

        Hot Peppers- are you looking for American-style BBQ ribs (with smoke) or will Filipino (without/mild smoke) do? The New BBQ Pit in Bergenfield is good in the latter category:

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        1. re: TongoRad

          wow, i can't believe there is a filipino joint in bergenfield and i never knew. i'm craving some lumpias. tongo, any feedback on the place. i see it's been open for many years.

          1. re: dock

            Yeah- they've been around for as long as I can remember in one form or another. It's called "New" because they moved from a smaller location about a year or two ago (the old place seems to have a chicken and ribs joint that I've only driven by.)

            If you click on the menu in the link in my previous post you will get a handle on what they do and do not serve. I mainly use the place for my pork needs- they roast whole pigs and sell the meat by the pound, very succulent- though the steam tray items do look good as well, and they seem to replenish them regularly (at least during the midday hours). I have ordered the sisig, theirs is the pork belly version (it's probably bacon, to tell the truth) and it's wicked good. The pulled pork sandwich lunch special is made from the lechon meat, bathed in a sweet fruity sauce that complements the meat rather well (the flavor of the pork still comes shining through), in pretty large hunks- not a bad little sandwich there ;)

            If you're up for some exploring, dock, and you are more familiar with Filipino food than I am (my experience is limited to some neighbors that I had for a couple of years- parties in their yard, that sort of thing), Bergenfield may be a place for you to check out. Recently I seem to be noticing more and more restaurants, bakeries, etc. along Washington Ave.- there definitely seems to be a community there to support these places.

            Also- any other suggestions as to what else I could be ordering would definitely be appreciated. I'll be sure to post back.

            1. re: TongoRad

              Tongo said it right, Bergenfield IS little Manilla...It seems like everyday a new Fillipino bakery, restaurant, or grocery store is opening on Washington. An informal count in my head lists 4 bakeries, 6 restaurants, and 4 grocery stores (all in within 1 square mile). If yer into Fillipino eats, B'Field is the place

          2. re: TongoRad

            I'll be damned! That's an old friend of mine that runs that place and I had no idea he has a site now. The lechon there is excellent and I even brought one to a Jets tailgate and impressed the whole party with it. Pretty good ribs also and enjoy everything they make there. Thanks for posting that link.

          3. The Mason Jar in Mahwah used to have pretty good ribs if I remember correctly. I have not been in 2 or 3 years, but it was good.