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Jun 12, 2008 05:44 PM

juniors restaurant in Times Square

related to the downtown Brooklyn Juniors?? food any good?? same menu?? what is best??

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  1. We go there quite often because my kids love it but it is just awful. It is the same as the Juniors in Brooklyn. The cheesecake is very good but that is about it.

      1. WE had breakfast there one morning because of convenience as we were staying next door at Marriott Marquis. It was TERRIBLE! The worst food I've had in five visits to NYC in the last five years. Our breakfast food was poor quality and greasy and tasted awful! The only "good" thing was that they gave you lots of it - which we left on the plate. Won't go back.

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          I wasn't aware that they served actual breakfast foods besides bakery items. If you ever stay in the Marriott again, go to Pigalle on 48th st. and 8th ave for breakfast. Good, very reasonable, and the only place really for a weekday breakfast in the neighborhood.

        2. It is fine for what it is. We sometimes go after theater when we want to be on that street and just looking for a casual bite after a matinee. Sandwiches and salads are fine. Only thing I did not like was the potato pancakes, just dreadful, too big and coarse. The cheesecake is huge and three of us had problems finishing one slice, but it was good. We got the chocolate mouse one and it was really very tasty.

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            It's definitely a good after theater place. It's big enough that there isn't too bad of a wait.