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Jun 12, 2008 05:14 PM

Our first anniversary.

My husband and I are looking for a restaurant in the city to celebrate our anniversary at the end of the month. I've seen suggestions for romance, and they're useful, but we have a couple of restrictions. First, we don't eat meat. We're mostly vegetarian, but consider fish options too. Secondly, our budget is a bit tight. We want to splurge, but not at one of the super-priced places, fantastic as they probably are. Oh, and sorry, but we're not big fans of Horizons. I was pondering Bar Ferdinand, but I feel stuck. Ideas will be MUCH appreciated!

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  1. What about Rx on Spruce between 44th & 45th? I think they tend to be vegetarian and fish oriented.

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      If one was the travel out to West Philly for dining, I'd go to Marigold before Rx for a romantic dinner. I like Rx well enough, but it's just not that romantic when the place is so cramped.

    2. XIX has good seafood options as well as a vegetarian entree.

      1. Amada would be my bet. My partner and I are vegetarian, and had a wonderful meal there for my birthday last year, including drinks (2 each) and dessert, for less than $100. I think it's a good place for a slightly more moderate splurge...

        Another suggestion is Lolita. You can bring your own tequila, which helps cut down on the bill, and most of their entrees come with the option to substitute either tofu or portabello mushrooms for the proteins. Go early, though -- the place gets insufferably loud into the later hours...

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          I second the Amada vote. It's delicious and memorable. Plus, great cocktails and veggie opts!

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            third! plenty of great veggie/fish options.

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              It sounds like Amada is the place to go. Thanks so much; I was thinking about it, but this verifies it's worth the price. We can't wait!

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                Just order intelligently - order several tapas and if/when you are hungry order more. Also, IMHO, you get more for your money at Amada than Bar Ferdinand.

        2. Little Fish is a good option. They usually have one veg. dish on the menu, and obviously, mostly seafood.
          Their prices are very reasonable but it's more off in a (very cute) neighborhood. Not center city proper.

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          1. re: hollyd

            i was going to recommend little fish's sunday prix fixe meal. $28 for a 5 course meal. and it's byo, how can you beat that? and it's romantic, and the food is amazing! but yes, it is all seafood, so you can't be proper vegetarians at this place. but it is worth it.

            amada will probably put you over budget. if you actually wrote that your budget is a bit tight, then you will probably not enjoy amada as you properly should.

            1. re: mazza3

              I was honestly thinking that too. Amada's not exactly cheap once you add up all the prices of each tapas. While it's probably too late, Estia has a $17 three course lunch menu per person that's pretty darned good.

          2. Up in the Chestnut Hill section of the city is a BYOB called Citrus, which is a lovely little vegetarian and fish focused restaurant. I have been there for 2 special event meals, and really enjoyed the food, the service, and the cozy atmosphere. The menu changes weekly and is listed on their website: They do not take reservations, but they will call you on your cell phone when a table opens up, and walking around Chestnut Hill is a pleasant way to pass the time.