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Jun 12, 2008 05:02 PM

Maoz Vegetarian near Union Square

Has anyone tried this restaurant? I noticed that it now lists that it is under kosher supervision. Any suggestions or info will be helpful.

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  1. They have a basic menu-falafel-in a pita, in a plastic bowl ,with chumus or grilled eggplant. They offer a nice salad bar with the falafel-grilled cauliflower and broccoli,cabbage ,moroccan carrots etc. My family enjoys it .

    1. keep in mind it's primarily take out fare,
      so be prepared to eat in the park nearby.
      it's best to go on days when the farmers
      market is going; Mon, Wed, Fri, 8-6pm.

      it's kosher according to a Rabbi Israel Steinberg 718.232.4275
      who certifies other Veggie places; Buddha Bodai, Udipi Palace.

      1. I ate the the other day when I had an interview. I thought the prices were a little high but I was starving and had no other option. I ordered falafel and salad. the falafel was delicious. the salad was tiny. i was shocked at the small amount of lettuce, so i tried to fill up on the salad bar which ended up being pretty good. I would go back again, but the menu is limited.

        1. If it is 1/2 as good as the one I tried in Amsterdam, Netherlands, then it will be amazing!

          This place is like an Israeli falafel stand (what else would you expect with a name Ma Oz?)


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            Apparently the ones in the States haven't really been quite as focused as the ones here in Amsterdam, in terms of getting the sides right (and I've heard the fries are sub-par as well)....too bad, because the ones here really serve some of the best falafel I've ever had.