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Jun 12, 2008 03:45 PM

philly's best outdoor dining?

which restaurants in philly have the best outdoor dining? any place with lively sidewalk dining + great people watching? maybe a romantic flower lined + candlelit patio? please share your summertime spots!

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    1. I generally don't enjoy outdoor dining (hate sitting on sidewalk and attempting to enjoy my food while people shuffle past), but the Morris House's M Restaurant has a beautiful garden terrace that's very suitable for a more romantic evening (if you're inclined, I just prefer it as a nice spot to dine outside without the sidewalk business).


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      1. re: Ali

        M is closed, has been for awhile.

        Rouge is probably the gold standard for sidewalk dining. I think Vesuvio and the New Wave are great people watching spots, although the food is so-so. Cantina los Caballitos is good too.

        I used to love Washington Square's outdoor area. I hope whatever winds up there keeps the spirit of it.

        1. re: lawgirl3278

          M is closed? That's a shame. I only pay attention to the tiny menu when summer rolls around, and since it was open last summer ... oh well.

          Rouge's food is quite good. The burger was called one of the best in the country by some magazine a while back. I don't quite agree on that point, but I would agree on it being good. I still don't like outside dining, though, especially in the hustle & bustle of Rittenhouse.

          I'll second the Moshulu vote below. The food has been panned on Chowhound a few times, but I've found it more than acceptable, and if you're going for a view, it's a pretty fabulous one.

          1. re: Ali

            David Katz (former chef at M) is opening a new place soon called Meme, you may want to keep an eye out for it.

      2. How about The Moshulu? Great views of the river and the city.

        1. I do agree with Ali, sidewalk dining is annoying with people shuffling past and being so close to the street is loud and unappealing...Rouge is nice for finer outdoor dining.
          Standard Tap has a nice deck for casual off street dining, Saturday Sunday Brunch is nice if you are willing to wait for a table...

          Anyone been to the Water Works Restaurant?

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          1. re: SpdRcr069

            Water Works has a very nice outdoor seating area, but I haven't been there since the most recent chef took over.

            Southwark and Gayle are both excellent and have outdoor dining areas that are separate from the sidewalk. Beau Monde has outdoor seating that is on the sidewalk, but separated from it by a permanent metal fence, so peds are separated from diners.

            I can't stand it when restaurants appropriate the sidewalk for 'outdoor seating', forcing pedestrians to navigate through diners, tables, chairs, and servers just to walk on the sidewalk.

            1. re: Buckethead

              OK, this may not be everyone's idea of a romantic patio, but for a funky casual outdoor spot I always liked the Jamaican Jerk Hut on South Street around 14th Street. They also used to have live music on weekend nights. I haven't been there is a while, though, so can't comment on the current state of the food.

              1. re: Hansel

                i'm born and raised in philly and i sometimes call broad 14th street. it's funny to see someone else call it that though, heh.

                and the jamaican jerk hut is still awesome, after all these years.

                1. re: mazza3

                  I just saw a movie with Cameron Diaz, Toni Colette and Shirley Maclaine and parts of the movie were filmed at the Jamaican Jerk Hut. Haven't been there in years.
                  BTW: the movie is 'In Her Shoes'