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Jun 12, 2008 03:44 PM

Chicken Marsala- how long can it stay warm?

I have to make a chicken dish, but it will be quite a while until I can serve it. How long do you think it can survive staying warm (obviously the chicken's already dead, I'm referring to being edible)? (via any sort of method- put into a covered baking dish and in the oven at the oven's lowest temperature, over a very low flame, in a crock pot). Are there any other recipes/sauces over chicken that you think would survive longer as a dish?

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  1. I would probably do a chicken chili or chicken stew in this situation, where the quality of the dish won't suffer if it stays on the heat for a while.

    Alternatively, why not do a chicken dish that doesn't have to be served hot? Roast chicken is good at room temperature, as is fried chicken.

    1. If you had to do it, I would make it and immediately chill it down completely and reheat when needed. For times like this I usually make the day before so it can be chilled properly.