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Jun 12, 2008 02:51 PM

Chocolatier Blue (Berkeley)

Organic artisanal chocolate shop, per the signs in the window supposed to be opening in early July at 1964 University.

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  1. I just walked by here today - Chocolatier Blue is open for business and WOW are their chocolates good! I have to say, I'm a Sharffenberger girl through and through, but since they don't do swanky truffles I don't feel bad.

    The chocolates themselves look like jewels. I tried the raspberry - a crackly thin shell hides a thick, viscous, deep flavored center. The counter guy said all the raspberries (and produce) came from the Saturday farmer's market, but I don't know how they made them taste like THAT... wow!!!! Moreover, about half the chocolates in the counter display were labeled vegan! They also serve hot chocolate, and they have counter seating. One truffle is $1.50.

    Their business card says the chocolatier, Chris Blue, used to work at Charlie Trotters, which bodes well. I really hope they flourish - seems like they could use some extra foot traffic. I think both storefronts around them are currently vacant. So everyone, go give this a try before they go the way of Lagosia! West University needs your business!

    (If they had some seating, wi-fi, and an espresso machine, it would be the perfect place for me to write my dissertation...!)

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      Ooh. Very near my office. I'll be sure to steer chocophile colleagues over that way.

      Thanks for the report.

      1. re: meels

        Thanks for the report -- sound delish!

        Chocolatier Blue
        1964 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94701

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          I dropped in sunday afternoon and tried a couple things and I was blown away. I got to chat with Chris a bit and he is extremely nice and passionate about his chocolate.

          I tried the palet d'or and it was magnificent. Pure chocolate bliss. While I loved the other flavored truffles (rasperry, espresso), this was deep and complex unadulterated chocolatey goodness.

          Im looking to do some fine chocolates as wedding favors and chris is currently leading the pack.