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ISO: dark and stormy (or even just ginger beer)

In search of either a bar serving a classic dark and stormy (Gosslings Bermuda Rum and ginger beer) or a place where I can buy the ingredients (ginger beer has been hard to find).

Ideally, a Village or LES bar or a Harlem or UWS bar.


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  1. you can get ginger beer at golden krust on 14th street and sometimes gourmet garage has it.

    Death & Co. has a cocktail with homemade ginger beer and Gosslings rum not a dark and stormy but they could probably make that too.

    1. they are on the menu at Blue Smoke.

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        I had one at Blue Smoke last night... it was tall, refreshing, and contained the exact two ingredients chinaplate is looking for.

      2. 99% sure you can get one at East Side Company Bar, Essex & Grand St.

        1. Pegu Club makes their own ginger beer, not sure if you can buy it from there. It's a pain to make, and many reputable bars just use the Audrey Saunders/Pegu Club recipe anyway. Their Jamaican firefly is a take on the Dark & Stormy, but I'm sure you could order a classic one there as well.

          Ginger beer recipee:

          Bars with ginger beer:

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            Flatiron Lounge also makes a good Dark & Stormy (also called the Jamaican Firefly). Grace in Tribeca has them, too.

            You can buy Regatta ginger beer (the best, IMHO) at Citarella and Gourmet Garage.

            1. There are a number of liqueur stores here that carry Barret's Ginger Beer right by the Goslings dark rum. Ask if the can order it for you.

              1. Reed's Ginger Beer is what we use for our Dark and
                Stormys. I've seen it at various bodegas, though can't say specifically. But if you're willing to head over to Brooklyn/Cobble Hill, I know for sure American Beer Distro carries it (along with a great selection of harder to find beers).


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                1. I have them whenever I go to Botanica on Houston St. Not sure about their brand of dark rum though.

                  1. Best Dark & Stormies are @ East Village Yacht Club. Lower east side.

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                      EVYC is under new ownership and is now a coffee house cum lounge called Arlo and Esme. Not sure if they kept the Dark and Stormy and/or bartenders.

                      1. They make a nice dark and stormy at PDT...hidden cocktail lounge in Crif Dogs in the East Village.

                        1. Little Branch will make you a dark and stormy. And if you can get the number, Milk & Honey makes an awesome dark and stormy (not for the faint of heart though - the ginger is very strong).

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                            M&H's is my favorite of those listed.

                          2. Whole Foods carries Reed's Ginger Beer. Not sure if it's still on the menu, but I had a frozen dark & stormy at Bar Americain a couple of years ago, but I wasn't crazy about it. I like the traditional version better.

                            1. I found ginger beer for sale at the Chelsea Market Basket (the gift shop-type store) in the Chelsea Market. It's Fentiman's by the bottle for $1.95 each (steep, but Vitamin Water is over $2 at most delis). It was really good. Should have bought more.