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Jun 12, 2008 02:39 PM

ISO: dark and stormy (or even just ginger beer)

In search of either a bar serving a classic dark and stormy (Gosslings Bermuda Rum and ginger beer) or a place where I can buy the ingredients (ginger beer has been hard to find).

Ideally, a Village or LES bar or a Harlem or UWS bar.


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  1. you can get ginger beer at golden krust on 14th street and sometimes gourmet garage has it.

    Death & Co. has a cocktail with homemade ginger beer and Gosslings rum not a dark and stormy but they could probably make that too.

    1. they are on the menu at Blue Smoke.

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      1. re: Sugar

        I had one at Blue Smoke last night... it was tall, refreshing, and contained the exact two ingredients chinaplate is looking for.

      2. 99% sure you can get one at East Side Company Bar, Essex & Grand St.

        1. Pegu Club makes their own ginger beer, not sure if you can buy it from there. It's a pain to make, and many reputable bars just use the Audrey Saunders/Pegu Club recipe anyway. Their Jamaican firefly is a take on the Dark & Stormy, but I'm sure you could order a classic one there as well.

          Ginger beer recipee:

          Bars with ginger beer:

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            Flatiron Lounge also makes a good Dark & Stormy (also called the Jamaican Firefly). Grace in Tribeca has them, too.

            You can buy Regatta ginger beer (the best, IMHO) at Citarella and Gourmet Garage.

            1. There are a number of liqueur stores here that carry Barret's Ginger Beer right by the Goslings dark rum. Ask if the can order it for you.