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Jun 12, 2008 02:08 PM

Good eats in South Dakota?

Anywhere good to eat in South Dakota? I'm going to be driving cross state and would love ideas, be it road food or fine dining. I'm staying in Pierre for a night. Thanks!

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  1. Come on guys! Someone must've eaten something in SD that didn't suck!

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      Check out threads on Sioux Falls and Rapid City for ideas. My favorites are Sanna's in Sioux Falls: . And the Corn Exchange in Rapid City: . Or the Firehouse in Rapid City for something less upscale than the Corn Exchange: .

      As for the rest of the state, there's pretty much nothing but flat grassland for hours. If you find a good spot in Pierre please report back as I'll be there in a few months and would love some ideas! Be sure to stop in the Badlands if you have time. I've never seen anything like it - almost other-worldly and very beautiful in a stark barren way.

      1. re: ExercisetoEat

        Thanks! I'll pass on any finds. I'm really looking forward to the Badlands. I've heard they're amazing.

        1. re: munchiegirl

          As I've mentioned before, the filet at the Alpine Inn at Hill City in the Black Hill is legendary.

          1. re: jwagnerdsm

            The Alpine Inn in Hill City is a must. Save room for desser, they are legendary!

            There is a place in downtown Rapid City called the Firehouse or next to the firehouse that has EXCELLENT pizza.

            I can't believe that nobody has mentioned Wall Drug! The donuts there are great if you can get them while they are hot. And the ice water is free!

    2. It's been a few years but the Cattleman's Club used to be great. Great cheap steaks overlooking the river about 6-7 miles east of town.

      1. I lived in Sioux Falls for 4 years during college and I was a big fan of a tasty Italian place named Spezia on Western and 22nd or so. I spent a few weekends in Pierre, but unfortunately don't remember a single meal so I'm guessing nothing was very good. We always seemed to stop at Al's Oasis in Chamberlain. I never thought it was anything too special, but all of my S. Dakotan friends said it was the place we had to stop.

        1. The Sage Creek Grill in Custer, SD is fabulous. Right in the black hills, good, local food made with expertise. They have a wine bar next store with a relatively good selection. The specials are fantastic. Definitely a gem in SD

          1. You might also try The Sluice in Spearfish for an excellent dinner.