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Jun 12, 2008 01:50 PM

Best Bentos

The recent thread on Bento supplies got me thinking about eating Bento Boxes in Japan. Bento meals here generalyl consist of rice, salad, tempura, maybe some teriyaki and/or suchi and/or handrolls. When I was working in Japan, we used to order Bentos that would come with 8-10 little dishes, maybe some odd little dumplings, various kinds of pickles, rice (invariably with an umeboshi on top and a sprinkling of black sesame), etc. but rarely with a main focus such as tempura etc. So my question is, are there any places here that are serving bentos beyond the usual?

Alternatively, whose got the best Bentos?

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  1. Ichiriki on Bloor and Church has a variety of quality pickled side dishes that they alternate to include in their lunch bento specials. I remember we once had some nice pickled fish and some turnips. Another time it was a seaweed paste.

    1. Hosu normally brings out some little nibblies at the beginning of any meal, if that counts. I'm interesting in seeing others' responses..

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        Hosu is operated by Koreans. The nibbles are of Korean tradiation and differ drastically from the bento elements the bluedog is refering to.
        On a side note, a recent chowhound thread mentioned that Hosu has had a few food safety issues.

      2. Sanko on Queen has take-out bentos which are unlike the ones you get at Sushi Time and the like.