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Jun 12, 2008 01:45 PM

Seeking advice - Whistler area - Seafood

Not exactly a hotbed of dining I know, but given I will be up there this weekend for a getaway, I wanted to see if there is any seafood-focused restaurant that I should try, price not an issue. I've trolled around the boards through some older posts and spotted a few names, but not sure what they are like currently. The ones I've discovered that show some promise are Araxi, Bearfoot Bistro, Rim Rock Cafe. If anyone has any recent experience or recommendations of these or any others I've missed, would be pleased to hear them. Thanks!

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    1. re: fmed

      Sorry, I should have added looking for more west coast style, not Japanese here, though I know there are some in that town. Just got back recently from a week in Japan, no need for me to try Sushi in Whistler of all places. :)

      1. re: jay_kay

        Araxi....which I like to think of as Blue Water Whistler.

        1. re: fmed

          Thanks, Araxi's online menu looks appealing. Blue water, a must try for me still in YVR.

          1. re: jay_kay

            They are both owned by Toptable - hence the similarity.

    2. The Bearfood Bistro is great and has a leaning toward some good regional seafood if I remember correctly. The decor is cozy and the wine/champagne/cocktail list is well constructed.

      In addition, I really love Trattoria. While Tuscan Italian I believe, i'm sure they have some local fish/seafood blended in.

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      1. re: midmit

        Thanks midmit for your thoughts on one of my other possible options. The regional seafood aspect is what I am seeking here, so sounds like B.B. would work well.