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Jun 12, 2008 01:26 PM

Absinthe...Lucid or Grande Absente?

My local liquor store dude informed me that they finally received their order of these two absinthes. I have read many reviews of Lucid, but the Grande Absente has just been released, so I'm having a hard time coming up with any info. What I have read is that Grande is very very sweet and has artificial coloring in it, which doesn't sound good. It's also priced higher. I know there are better and more expensive offerings online, but I'd like to at least try something I can purchase here (in Michigan) first.

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  1. Go with the Lucid. I find it much better and authentic that the Absente.

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    1. re: JMF

      Have you tried Clandestine? Its a clear absinthe from switzerland.

      1. re: TheDewster

        I haven't tried that one. I have several clear Swiss ones, and a dozen or so American and European green ones. I get sent a new one, I try it out, and then it goes in the absithe box in storage until I move to my new place in a few months. I only keep bottles of the Philidelphia distilling Vieux Carre absinthe, and North Shore Sirene absinthe around and those I use in cocktails.

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          Is the pot still in your photo operational? You mentioned you are an artisanal maker.

    2. If you can get your hands on St. George's, do. I think it's more interesting than Lucid.

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          Yes, I went with the Lucid. It's good. Not overly sweet with a nice herbal, slightly mint flavor. Maybe that's why my cat was so interested in it. Holy cow, was it expensive! Don't know if St. George's is available in Michigan, but I'm heading to Chicago soon and will pick up a bottle.

      1. I like Lucid, but haven't tried GA.

        1. Add me to the list of people who say go for the Lucid. I've had that and Kubler side by side, and found the Lucid much more fragrant and sweet. I am not at all a fan of absinthe, but I could see why people would like Lucid whereas I had a really hard time drinking the Kubler. Sorry, haven't tried the Grande Absente. But so many others here have enjoyed the Lucid, why not get it since it's also cheaper?

          1. Hey there= well ive only tried 4 absinthes so far.
            st George
            & Le Tourment
            Now ive only had the st george with the sugar/water and it was quite tasty. Of course tho
            i am one of the people who always preferred the black jelly beans too though.
            I much much prefer the grande absinthe (100 proof) over the last 3.
            The Grand (no e) was less flavorul - & no heat which i find i like
            the Le Tourment for lack of a better analogy seemed to taste like the smell of perfume.
            Ive not tried Lucid yet- I am trying to find out if it is comprable to either Grande (with the heat & intense licorcie flavor) or maybe just a "lighter version of the Grande" - I will prob try it soon.

            However- i did actually find a site where u can buy samples in 100ml -- stores sell come 100 ml bottles, but there is another site;

            So good luck!