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Jun 12, 2008 12:58 PM

Desperately seeking RYE BRATWURST BUNS

I'll admit it, I'm from the Midwest. Where all proper bratwurst are served in rye buns, dark or light, with your choice of sauerkraut, raw onions, mustards, and if you insist, ketchup and relish. But I lament my inability to find buns here in NYC. Heck, I'll go to any boro, or even Long Island if someone would just sell me a quantity of rye buns! I'm nearly at the point of getting them fedexed from my favorite Minnesotan or Wisonsonite bakeries. HELP PLEASE??!?!?!

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  1. Hah, I'm from WI too, and am actually planning to track down some brats for dinner this evening! I'm pretty sure I can get Johnsonville, which are fine. But for buns I'm just using the "club rolls" from a local Italian bakery. They won't be the same, but hopefully they'll be good... Maybe you should do some baking...! :)

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    1. re: Harlan

      For the record, even though the Johnsonville web site claims that you can get brats at the Pathmark on Northern Blvd., they only carry pre-cooked brats, which are definitely not worth it! Also, Whole Foods also only carries pre-cooked brats, although of undoubtedly a higher quality...

      TheEngineer, I'll try Schaller & Weber! Thanks! CWB, where do you get bratwurst from?

      1. re: Harlan

        The Pathmark on Northern Blvd. and 43rd in Sunnyside has Johnsonville brats in the fresh section sometimes. You just have to get lucky, though. It's weird. Brats and breakfast sausage (like the Jimmy Dean or Bob Evans kind that come in the plastic roll) are SO hard to find in NYC.

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          In Park Slope the 5th Ave. Key Food stocks both the pre cooked (Stadium Brats) and the regular brats. The regular ones are sold frozen and can be found in the frozen food case opposite the regular meats against the far right wall.

      2. First off, for both brats and buns, you should try Schaller & Weber on 86th and 2nd. You should also try Orwasher's bakery on 78th Street, where if they don't already make rye buns, they might be open to suggestion.

        I hope ChickWithBrains is a person, not a dish. Could be both in one I guess...

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        1. re: The Engineer

          Bought some brats there yestereday but no buns, only had assorted varieties of bread. Ended up buying some italian club rolls at an Italian bakery right off the train at Ditmar (sorry, didn't get the name). Simmered the brats in beer and onion at a bbq, then onto the grill, yummy.

          1. re: esyle

            That Italian bakery is called Rose & Joes, and I was planning to use their club rolls for brats as well! Glad to know that that Schaller & Weber place does indeed have fresh bratwurst!

            1. re: esyle

              The Martin's potato Long Rolls are excellent with Johnsonville brats.

          2. To be honest, I prefer Johnsonville over all other brats I've had...there's something about the spicing I really love. Also, I'm from Minnesota and I've never seen brats in rye buns -- but maybe I run with a rye-free crowd. In Greenpoint, it seems all the sausages are eaten with bread and not buns (I realize that's for kielbasa and not bratwurst, but they're cousins...!)

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            1. re: chompchomp

              Costco carries the Johnsonville brats, which are very good. I dont think they are pre-cooked, but am not expert on this. On the buns, I dont have a clue. One of the old Jewish bakeries might have had something good and chewy, but they are thin on the ground any more. The peope who want caraway buns from upstate NY have the same problems here. Time to get a bag of rye flour and a recipe, I think, otherwise Id go with either the Martins egg rolls, cuts from full loaves of good solid rye (still available around) or go to a decent bakery like Lopez in the S. Slope - something like their alsatian bread might work, and you could make cuts of a suitable size.

              1. re: jen kalb

                Costco's J-ville brats are not pre-cooked, but they don't always have them.

                1. re: jakeyd

                  Just came from the Food Bazaar @ 58-01Junction near the Queens Center Mall and they're having a big sale on both the cooked (2 packs for $5) and uncooked (2 for $7).

            2. I remember Juniors in Brooklyn on Flatbush Ave. bakes both rye and pumpernickle club bread. That was how I would order my Pastrami when I was a student at L.I.U. across the street.

              1. Hello, I have my rye buns made at Bread Kneads in Findlay Ohio. Their phone number is 419-422-3863 They can make anything you want.