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Jun 12, 2008 12:57 PM


Need some help for 2 dinners in the area. Friday night we need someplace convenient to Tanglewood to go for an early dinner, and something in Pittsfield for Saturday before a show at the Barrington Stage. I got into a bit of a jam when trying to talk my aunt out of having her daughter and a terrible 2's child join us. I told her that our plans were for dinner in non-child friendly restaurants. I may have been to Brix in Pittsfield last summer. Is that a large space, with the wine bar in a separate room to the side? Enjoyed my dinner there as I recalled.

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  1. Brix is just that.. a nice little wine bar/bistro...The large space may have been Spice, which I believe closed recently....

    1. Spice is closed..... I would suggest Trattoria Rustica, classic upscale Italian, Brix is great for a glass of wine and a nice "nosh", but not quite dinner. I would suggest Church Street Cafe in Lenox 3 miles south, Chez Nous in Lee. I f you are a serious chowhound and price doesn't matter, I would go to Wheatleigh in Lenox. Good Luck.

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        Have heard people now talking about Alta in Lenox. Where is our best bet before Tanglewood, Alta or Church Street Cafe? Has anything opened new in Pittsfield, or should we stick with the Thrattoria Rustica recommendation.

        1. re: robinsilver

          Asters on rte. 7 in Pittsfield is definitely worth a visit. Here's an article on Asters that appeared recently in the Berkshire Eagle.

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            Fin on Housatonic St in Lenox has great sushi and would be perfect before Tanglewood - or hit Guidos in Pittsfield, just over the border and pack up some of their ready made salads and such for a picnic. I think Brix is a little boring. The menu hasn't changed since they opened but there is a great Indian place that's right around the corner from the theater. Can't remember the name, but it's on North St. The atmosphere is bland but the food is oh-so-good. What ever you do, don't got to Spice Burger.

            1. re: visink

              Think the Indian place you're referring to is House of India, and I concur, the food is quite good!

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                The dinner will not include the 2 year old, but my mother is 86, so we are not picnicing, and sushi or Indian are not for her. Has anyone been to either Alta or Church Street Cafe to voice an opinion of one over the other? Need to have a variety of food so we can all end up with something we want. My mother cannot go too exotic.

                1. re: robinsilver

                  Been to Church Street Cafe. Your mother and the 2 year old will like it esp if you can score a table on the deck. Very child friendly and pleasant.

                  1. re: janegadfly

                    I agree with janegadfly about Church Street Cafe. We were there for lunch last week with our 4YO and found them to be quite accommodating. Simple kids menu with the standards. The adult menu was pleasant and tasty, with a variety of choices, and the patio dining was delightful.

        2. It sounds like you may be describing Spice restaurant that has unfortunately closed due to over spending by the proprietor. It was a beautiful place. It will soon reopen under a slightly different name by other proprietors.
          If you would like suggestions for places to eat in Pittsfield got to my website for reviews of restaurants and even 4 minute videos of the food and atmosphere with my husband and myself.
          There is a nice restaurant called Sabor that we enjoyed last month, you can find a video of that. Reasonable priced and reservations are needed. Elizabeth's also a video that we shot last week-end, very nice with all entrees at 19.50. Kim's Dragon, a Vietnamese restaurant is also very popular and tasty, Brazilian Restaurant and Pub where you get fresh meats that are roasted on skewers and you serve yourself there and at the buffet, there is live music there usually. Both of which have been videotaped as well. Brix is nice enough, the menu is limited but the atmosphere and the wine selection is very impressive. It is a small place though.

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          1. re: berkshiresnow

            Thanks a lot for the link. Trattoria Il Vesuvio looks like it would be something they would like. Is that a good choice?

            1. re: robinsilver

              We've been wanting to try it but haven't yet. If you go let us know what you think.

              1. re: robinsilver

                I have been to both Il Vesuvio and Church St. Cafe and would lean toward Church St. Cafe...

              2. re: berkshiresnow

                I'd be careful re: the Brazilian place. My husband and I were asked if we'd like our chicken rare when we went there a few months ago. The stuff on the hot buffet was cold and pretty tasteless.

                1. re: cheferella

                  All in all, considering your various needs, Church Street Cafe is almost surely your best bet. Not as expensive as Trattoria Rustica, and much MUCH closer to Tanglewood (closest of all your possibilities), and much better than Vesuvio. Probably most welcoming of all. Second best choice would be Chez Nous, but that's a lot further away. Enjoy your weekends (if this isn't too late!).

                  1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                    It's not too late, so thanks. Not so concerned about how welcoming, because they can opt out of dinner, which is fine. Seeing as we are used to NYC dining, the price is not that much of an issue either. Now being close to Tanglewood might be, so we will see if we can get a reservation,

                    1. re: robinsilver

                      Chez nous isn't that much further from Tanglewood, and considering the traffic in Lenox iit might be better to get to tanglewood from that direction. The food is much better than Church St. (although, I don't think you'll be disappointed with Church St.).

                      1. re: Piperdown

                        Trattoria Il Vesuvio looks nice from the outside, but the food is awful. Probably the worst meal we've had in the Berkshires.
                        Chez Nous is good, Bombay Bar & Grill in Lee is excellent, Dragon is fantastic. We recently tried "Frankie's" in Lenox - where Spigalina used to be, and it was enjoyable for simple Italian (and quite reasonable).

                        1. re: jennypenny

                          I agree that Bombay Bar & Grill is excellent. We filmed there during a Sunday brunch and show the food quite well ( We have heard great things about Chez Nous as well. Both restaurants are in Lee. Thanks for the info on Vesuvio.

                          1. re: berkshiresnow

                            Agree that the food at Bombay is really quite good, and especally so for the money.

                          2. re: jennypenny

                            Sorry to read that you had a bad experience at Trattoria Il Vesuvio. I love their lasagna. I never order anything else, so I can't comment on the rest of the menu. My husband likes the fettucine alfredo a lot though.

                            1. re: Patt1

                              We did end up choosing that for dinner. The lasagna and the veal dishes we had were good. The only thing I did not like was their fettucini alfredo. 4 of us shared that and the lasagna for appetizers. It was very convenient to get to Tanglewood from there, so that was good.

                              1. re: robinsilver

                                In Lennox and surrounding area, any suggestions for lunch? Any suggestions for restaurants with more moderate prices? I check out the prices for Cafe' Lucia, Zinc, Church St Cafe, Aster's, Rouge (West Stockbridge) and the were pricey. Are there hidden gems out there?

                                church street cafe lenox

                                1. re: halfgreen

                                  halfgreen, not all of those restos are open for lunch, in any event. If you're willing to go to Pittsfield, Jae's Spice has extremely reasonable "lunch boxes," Japanese bentos with sushi, sashimi, or such things as cheeseburger "sliders" (my husband had those). Lots to eat, good variety; and the place is very attractive. We found service (there've been complaints about service, not about food) to be, not exactly professional, but very friendly. It's a good deal.

                2. I have been to the area three times and can't get away from Arizona Pizza. It is a rustic pub/restaurant but their food is excellent and they have a decent beer list. Everytime I have gone it was right before a Tanglewood show and I had no problem getting a table or a seat at the bar, eating in a timely manner and getting to Tanglewood in time. In fact all three times we had time to kill so got another drink at the bar. The waitstaff are very friendly and if you have to drag along the 2 year old you can get away with it.

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                  1. re: misslorelle

                    It's long past Tanglewood time now, and as a local there are far better pizza places I would recommend. Betty's Pizza, if you want to stay in Lenox, is definitely better.

                    1. re: mjoyous

                      I plan to be there 2 nights and plurge one night for dinner and then do the other dinner a bit more on the cheap. Are there any restaurants in Lennox or Stockbridge that are good that have a more reasonable prices for dinner? There must be some hidden gems ;-)

                      1. re: halfgreen

                        We like Jonathan's Bistro in Lenox and The Asters in Pittsfield. Both places have good meals at fairly reasonable prices.