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Jun 12, 2008 12:44 PM

Zoma - Downhill Alert?

I've been a fan since it opened. I went last night after not having been in several months. I was soooo disappointed.
My boyfriend and I ordered combo A. It was the first time we didn't eat everything including the injera it was served on. The Tibs Wett lacked heat, the side of lentils were too hard, and the Gomen Be Siga tasted like boiled meat and greens with no seasoning at all. We hardly touched it and it's one of my favorite dishes. The Doro Alitcha which is normally my least favorite was the most edible thing last night.

Did I just go on a rare off night? Has anyone else been going more regularly?

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  1. nooooo! I hope no one responds and . . . I hope it was an off-night.

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    1. re: bigjeff

      I'd love someone to respond and tell me that all is well and I just hit an off night. I haven't been back since.

      1. re: abnyc

        yep headed there for lunch on sunday, will def. report back.

        1. re: bigjeff

          what's the deal with Zoma these days.. I went the first few months it was opened and have not returned.. Should I still go.

          1. re: Daniel76

            This place was amazing tonight.. I can't believe I dont go here more often.

            1. re: Daniel76

              heh, that's what I like, a CHer who takes matters into their own . . . stomachs? thanks for the update.