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Jun 12, 2008 12:44 PM

How long do these items stay good?

Going to Idaho in July from Phoenix and want to pre make some items but unsure of the shelf life. They will be in a fridge or ice chest.

Ranch dressing (made with mayo and milk)
Waffle batter
Lipton onion dip
Pesto salad (with broccoli and cheese)
Homemade salsa

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  1. A fridge? If they will be in the fridge there shouldn't be any issue. Ice chest as in an insulated cooler? I'm a scardey cat. I wouldn't eat the ranch, dip, or salad (due to the cheese) after 8+ hours hanging around packed on ice or chiller packs unless I knew for sure it maintained temp. I've done road trips before where we took hard boiled eggs, cheese sticks and cut veggies in a cooler along with dry goodies. Well of course I worried about stuff staying cold so we ate most of it after about 3 hours into the trip!! Next time I vowed to just buy shelf stable items and keep the drinks in the cooler.
    What is pesto salad? Do you make yours with pasta?

    1. You might find this graphic cute and helpful..."The Table of Condiments that Periodically Go Bad"...


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      1. Cheese is not a problem warm, while milk is. Mayo is stable warm, while the ingredients with which it is usually mixed are not. Why are you taking waffle batter on a road trip???

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          I'm dying to know, myself. Kari, I promise you can get waffle ingredients in Idaho (I'm teasing!) From that list I'd probably just stick to the salsa. Why travel with dairy when you don't need to?

          1. re: Vetter

            I will be recovering from surgery and am trying to make the trip easy and less clean up as we go. So doing as much as I can at home will help. Less cooking on the road will be best, so I thought maybe pre making the batter would help.