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Jun 12, 2008 12:07 PM

Nearby Alternatives to Clinton St. Baking Co.

Supposed to meet a friend for brunch this weekend. I don't mind waiting for those blueberry pancakes, but I'm worried my friend wont be able to hold out. If need be, what are some good back-up options within a short walk from Clinton St. Baking Co. that would not require as long a wait for a table on a weekend?

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  1. Nearby with more reasonable waits

    Shopsin's (closed Sundays)
    Stanton Social, if you are wiling to eat upstairs in the lounge - or you can call/go to to make a reservation
    Frankie's 17

    All of these will probably still have a wait, just not 1.5 hours.


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      I've never waited a moment at Alias, and I think it's the shortest walk of kathryn's suggestions. So if your friend's blood sugar drops precipitously, that might be the way to go. Also, it's very good. Essex is a solid brunch choice as well.