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Jun 12, 2008 11:48 AM

Indian on 6th St. that doesn't suck?

Hi all. Some friends from out of town want Indian tomorrow night. Normally I'd push for Saravanaas but they really want the 6th Street experience. I'd be grateful for any recommendations, and the more Christmas lights, the better.

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    1. Mitali East used to be good, though I haven't been there in many years... Agree with Haveli.

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        Brick Lane Curry House

        Brick Lane Curry House
        306-308 East 6th Street, New York, NY 10003

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          Of the curry-row establishments, I second nycinephile's suggestion (although I haven't been to Brick Lane in close to a year). Angon would be another good spot.

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            Seconding Brick Lane. It's a bit on the pricey side though.

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              Just went to Brick Lane a couple of days ago. Thought the food was predominantly delicious, lamb madras , chicken tikka. The onion pancake was very dense and non-descript and could have been served warmer. The meat dishes could have been more generous with their respective meats but the sauce was balanced, just right between heat and flavor. Bottomless basmati. The service was attentive but most servers were robotic and did not have the ability to be spontaneous. The bill for 2 prior to tip was $57 (including sparkling water & rice pudding). Brick Lane won the coin flip this trip, will do Banjara next time.

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            Haveli is tasty but pricier and without the "6th-Street" feel. Panna II has the most lights, and I used to like the food. Mitali East was good last few times I was there (some years ago).

          3. The food at Spice Cove is excellent. Not that tacky (re: Xmas lights), but the chow is top notch! Enjoy!
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              I found everything I've tried at Spice Cove to be on the bland side, but their samosas were excellent.

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                I just tried dinner at Spice Cove based on this and a friend's recommendation. I simply don't understand the allure of this type of cuisine: inappropriately sweet, gloppy and unbalanced. There was sugar in everything we ordered, from the coriander chutney to the lamb vindaloo to the mushroom bhaji. The pastry on the samosa was good, but the meat was very heavy on the clove. The poori was undercooked, though my lamb was cooked to tough dryness. The gravy for both curries had a thick, pasty consistency that I found offputting, as much as the fact that the flavor profiles weren't right for what we ordered. Admittedly the food was much better than other places I have visited in the neighborhood, but it was barely Indian. There weren't even Indians working in the restaurant. Given my experiences, I wouldn't be surprised if perhaps they might have gone off elsewhere to have an actual Indian meal.

              2. I agree with Banjara; also not "corny" inside. I have friends that swear by Angon. I was not as crazy about it, but it may have been what I ordered. Angon is not corny either.

                1. I third Banjara. Sit outside so that your friends can peep the Xmas lighting at all the inferior tourist traps.