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Jun 12, 2008 11:43 AM

Upstairs or Rialto

Had planned on an anniversary dinner at Salts only to find out they are closed this weekend to attend a Food/Wine event in CO. Opinions about which is better Upstairs or Rialto. Couldn't get reservations for Craigie Street which I would prefer. Appreciate feedback on preferences.

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  1. Just one hound's opinion, but Rialto has never quite done it for me. It's expensive, it feels like the hotel restaurant that it is, and although the food is good, it's not as memorable as I'd like it to be for the price.

    Upstairs has recently gone back into my high rotation. I've had a couple of superb meals at the Monday Club Bar over the past few months, and I very much like their wine list, by the glass or bottle. That said, the room tends to be a little noisy and cramped. In the past, I've never been as wowed by their more formal Soiree Room upstairs, but if the recent upturn in quality at the Club Bar is any indicator, the odds of deliciousness should be high. The current menu posted online certainly looks outstanding.

    1. Another vote for Upstairs from me. I like the ambiance and attitude better there than at Rialto.