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Jun 12, 2008 11:38 AM

Pommes Frites in Boston?

Anywhere to get these delicious belgium fries in Boston?
In NYC I get my fix here:

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  1. God I wish there was a spot like that here. Have been to that little place in NYC - yum. I did enjoy the fries at Duckfat in Portland.........

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    1. re: Angel Food

      I enjoy the ones at Temple Bar in Cambridge.. between Porter and Harvard on Mass Ave...

      1. re: Angel Food

        I WILL drive back to Portland in the fall, not only because it is dog friendly and a fun town, but DuckFat is worth the drive. Dipping those fries cooked in duckfat into duck gravy while sharing a confit duck sandwich.......that's what I'm talking about!!!

      2. The Beehive has great Pomme Frites...they are sliced really thin and served with fried sage and sea salt. Order the artichoke appetizer alongside them... so you can use the aoili for dipping!

        I have a few Beehive reviews on my site too: http://www.bostonfoodandwhine.blogspo...

        1. Les Zygomates has really yummy frites, as does Sel del la Terre.......nothing as marvelous as those dipping sauces, though!! In NYC, the hand cut fries at Taim are my fav...served w/aoili!

          1. The best fries are always at the fairs around here. The trucks that cut them fresh and drop them right into the hot oil. So many agricultural fairs in this area every year.

            also If you call them fries instead of frites you can save about 50% off the price

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              Exactly. Pommes frites = french fries. No difference. And while we're at it, Belgian fries = pommes frites = french fries, except that if a place is offering "Belgian fries," don't be surprised if they're served with mayo instead of ketchup (as is the case at Markt, a terrific Belgian restaurant in NYC).

              1. re: Blumie

                Actually, there is a difference between Belgian frites and American french fries. Traditional Belgian frites use bintje potatoes and are fried twice. Also, in Belgium there are many different types of dipping sauces available, not just mayo.

                When the Publick House first began serving them they used these type of potaoes, but I am not sure if they still do.

                1. re: Chrispy75

                  Double frying is pretty standard, far more recipes call for it than don't.

              2. re: hargau

                Actually, I think many fries/frites are fried, cooled, and fried again to get really crispy - while the fresh cut ones at fairs and trucks are really tasty-but seldom as crispy in my experience - I need the best to be golden brown and crispy - for me they are pretty consistently this way at - yes - McDonalds and Central Kitchen (where they don't seem to have ever been frozen and are cut a bit thicker and served with far better salt).

              3. Last summer Orleans in Davis Square was doing a weekly special where you got an order of mussels and pommes frites for around $12. The frites were delicious, as were the mussels. I'm usually not a huge fan of Orleans, but this meal was especially good.

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                  Actually- Orleans Mussels are one of my favorites in the city. I havent seen this as a meal, but they do have Mussels on their menu as an appetizer normally.