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Jun 12, 2008 11:33 AM

Best place to take one day cooking classes?


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    1. I like the Culinary school in Cambridge - near Porter Sq. They have some nice 3 hour classes, and series' if that's what you are in for. I've taken a couple of classes there and found them fun..

      They are well equipped and the instructors know their stuff..

      1. Stonewall kitchen in York Maine offers one day cooking classes. It is about an hour drive from the Boston area.

        1. Try you local William Sonoma, they often conduct classes when the store is about to close. They tend to be intimate.

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            My understanding those are not hands-on, as the Cambridge Culinary school classes are. W-S classes are as a spectator only.

            1. re: LindaWhit

              You are correct, I have taken a few of them. The poster did not specify hands on. At WS the classes are very small, about 8 people, and you are sitting at the stove or cooking station with the instructor, it would be as close to hands on as you could find for a limited class.

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                To me - a "class" means hands-on. A "demonstration" is what Williams-Sonoma does.

          2. I, too, am a fan of Cambridge Culinary. I've taken a couple of recreational classes there, and have been struck by how well the instructors are able to adjust their style and type/quantity of instruction based on the needs, wants, and proficiencies of their individual students.

            I realize this is more than you asked, but if you have the funds and the time, LA Burdick offers a 4-day, $800 chocolate making class in Walpole, NH:


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              another vote for cambridge culinary school. i took a really fun one-night spanish cuisine class there.