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Looking for a Weber Grill

Hey chow people
I am ready to do some real grilling and I was wondering where the best prices are.
I am hoping to get the 22.5 In. One-Touch Gold Charcoal Grill in Black


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  1. Just go to Ontario Gas Barbeques--huge assortment, fair prices. You can chase around the big boxes for prices but selection is very limited for charcoal gear.


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        I would love to have a Big Green Egg but my budget likes the Weber grill better.

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          Hey MG, I have had my eye on this thing for a few weeks, I love the smoker component, in your opinion is it solid for just grilling AND then also a good smoker?...my uses will be limited to home use, alot of it but nothing to heavy...

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            Please keep this thread focused on finding grills in the Toronto area. Any discussion of the pros and cons of the Big Green Egg and other grills should be moved to the Cookware board so that everyone can benefit.


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              Since we have been told by the mods to take it off board i will be quick. The answer is it works great for both. It really lives up to the hype. Since the thing weighs a ton you won't be moving it anywhere once you have it home.

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              Over-weight, over-priced, over-rated. Nothing beats that! These tanks are the BBQ equivalent of a Lincoln Navigator.

            3. I've used nothing but Weber for the past 20 years and have been satisfied (well, except when the damn thing caught fire because I neglected to clean out the debris/grease catcher).

              I bought my first because no one else made something of Weber quality in a consumer grill. Now, when replacement time comes, I'd look around as it seems there are several comparables at a better price.

              Ontario Gas Barbecue will absolutely have the best selection of anyone, however they rarely put anything on sale. Their salespeople know their stuff too, unlike most other places.

              The Big Green Egg is actually pretty small. I have an average sized offset smoker that can smoke about four times as much as a n Egg, but I will admit requires more work to maintain temperature control.

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                Hey Scary,
                What have you seen that is comparable to what I assume is a Weber Kettle?

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                  I have used a cheap knock off of the Weber, and the real one, and the Weber is built better, lasts longer. Also has a deeper firebox and a good damping system. The only thing lacking is a cast iron grill, but I may be able to add that to it. I don't miss the available rotisserie, I just use a beer can for chicken, and offset coals for roasts. The 22.5"Gold is $150 at Appliance Canada
                  The Weber chimney starter works very well, and can be used as a stand alone wok heater with good high temperature results.

              2. Not sure if Lou Riklis Hardware on Yonge has what you need, but we purchased our Napoleon there. Wonderful service and reasonable prices. I've heard Sobies is excellent for grills as well.

                Avoid Dickson Home Hardware - seriously rude and terrible service and the prices are mediocre.

                Good luck!

                1. Very good choice. Will cost $175 -200 likely. Phone around. I got mine at Sunnybrooke Plaza at Bayview and Eglinton. Best time to buy is in the fall, but I wouldn't bother waiting! It will last about 10 years with heavy use so the capital cost is about $20/year. I burn about $350 of lump charcoal/year.

                  I use lump charcoal to reduce toxins and ash. Empty ash catcher when it is half full or little embers may roll out vent holes and set your deck on fire! Always wait 24 hours after grilling to empty ash catcher as embers can remain hot for a surprising amount of time.

                  Have fun!!

                  1. I just bought the Weber Genesis for my husband's birthday (in fact it was delivered this morning) He chose to assemble it himself and said it was not difficult in the least. I bought it from Appliance Canada and got a good deal,( perhaps better than most folks walking in the door, because last summer we renovated our kitchen and bought all of our appliances from them. The price was better than Home Depot, Lowes, Rona and Cndn Tire. The BBQ will have its first test tomorrow provided it doesn't rain. Cooking Boneless Leg of Lamb so will let the CHers know how it turns out if the weather co-operates!

                    1. I'll fifth (sixth?) Ontario Gas BBQ. They're not just gas, as folks have mentioned. BUT, if you're looking "just" for a particular commodity Weber grill, you'll probably find it priced better elsewhere. Keep in mind, though, that you may want more than just the grill. Wood chips? Rib racks? Fish cooking doohickey? Flippers? OGBBQ has all of the accessories.


                      1. Hey CH's, I have started a BBQ thread in Cookware (as suggested by the CH team)...any imput would be appreciated...

                        Cheers & happy grilling!!!


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                          Weber Performer advertised in today's Star for $350 (great deal IMHO)

                        2. Thank you you everyone!!!
                          Armed with your advice and a little research of my own, I ended up getting my grill at Ontario Gas BBQ. They were actually the only ones who had the Gold in stock. Since I knew what I wanted the sales person kind of confirmed most of my desicions (a 22.5 inch instead of the 18 inch...a Weber chimney instead od a generic one). He was very knowledgeable and even loaded the grill into my car for me. Now I just have to figure out how to use te grill. Time to go to the Home cooking board!

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                            Hi sweetie, I am still on the hunt and the Weber you got is on my list, do you mind telling me how much you paid?...I'm still torn between the Big Green Egg and that one, the price is the issue...did you look at any smoker add ons?...

                            Happy grillin'!

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                              I still recommend a stand alone smoker like the Cookshack Smokette.
                              This is a "set it and forget it" appliance and very well made also very cheap to operate. If you want to smoke a brisket for 22 hours at 180 F you can without checking and adjusting worrying about fire.

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                                I am keeping that in mind, thanks for the info gandw...

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                                The 22.5 inch one touch gold is $169.99 + tax (of course). The blue one is $10 more for some reason so I got the black one. I thought about smoker add ons, but I am a real newbie to charcoal grilling so I decided to just try to master that first. Maybe try to slow cook a pork shouler before I move on to the hardcore stuff. The guy yesterday said he has tonnes of blue but only 2 black ones left. If you can make a trek to the states the prices are much much better. But I did not want to run around Buffalo or Niagara looking for the Gold (not as available as the silver).

                            2. A couple of things to consider when you start using your grill. A couple of people have mentioned getting quality hardwood charcoal, of which ogbb has a great selection. This is important as briquets have so many additives that your life will noticeably shorten. Another way to enjoy the pure experience is to use an electric heating element to light the fire. These are available at most of the places mentioned as well.

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                                I fell for the sales pitch and bought a weber chimney starter too. hee hee

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                                  The Weber chimney is much better than the $10 cheapies. You can use it as a hot source for a steel wok and get wok-hai, almost impossible indoors.

                                  Recyclor I saw the Gold listed for $150, cant remember where, but a major dealer like Home Depot or Rona; maybe it wasn't in stock...

                                  Rona usually has maple hardwood lumps from Quebec, much better than the lumps from Kingsford (Georgia).

                                  Finally, one of our hounds, woodburner, uses four Golds, and does slow smoking with some neat techniques:

                                  I'm starting to slow smoke a ham, rubbed since January, and stiff as a board, using Woodburner's slow fuse in a standard Weber.

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                                    Thanks for the tips jayt90! Rona does not carry the Gold, Home Depot is out of stock (it is on sale for $161.00 though, on line only). Perhaps Lowes????

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                                      Never been to Lowe's. Bought my Silver last year at Rona's, $129. It's $100 this year, thanks to the dollar. I love it, with the chimney. When I slow smoke my ham, I'm gonna post pix, unless it's a disaster!