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Eastern Shore help! Nice Dinner (maybe B&B, Spa too?)

If anyone can help I know you all can! I'm heading to Rehoboth with the bf on a Saturday in July from Baltimore. I had the idea to leave on Friday and stop in Stevensville/Grasonville, etc. area and have dinner and stay the night at a B&B, maybe get a massage Saturday morning before making our way to see family at the beach. Would like to have a nice quiet relaxing night just the 2 of us and I'm hoping to make the early departure a surprise. I have only been to annapolis and have heard great things about the area but have no idea where to begin. If we can do all of the things on my list in one town even better! But we'll be driving so a few extra miles is fine...

1. Dinner- great food, can either be creative or traditional, we are omnivores. A good seafood place with a water view would be good. Hoping for $20-$30 for an entree. Places in Baltimore on the water usually make up in ambiance what is lacking in food quality. Some of our favorite places in BMore (if it helps- Bicycle, Mama's, Nacho Mama's, Peters Inn)

2. B&B/Hotel- Hopefully not more than $200/nt but I don't know if that's a ridiculous notion in this area.

3. Place for breakfast Sat AM, simple cafe (hopefully not diner style) eggs n bacon suits us fine!
***Bonus points for a nice spa where we could get a service on Saturday before heading out of town.

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      the Inn at Easton is up for sale, and the restaurant has been closed for half a year already. Friends went there for an overnight two weeks ago (they were using a gift certificate while they still could) and reported that the place was virtually deserted - of both staff and guests.

      Dinner at The Narrows on Kent Island fits the bill perfectly, or go further out and try the Tilghman Island Inn for dinner - which has pretty grounds and is right on the water (be prepared for service to reflect a more casual "local" mindset though.) Overnight is a bit out of your range, and I think they only accept two-night minimums on weekends in the high season.

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        cafe sado in stevensville is the new hip place, young and handsome, good water view, serious pan-asian plus sushi, and lisa's small plates in stevensville is hip wine bar with view of highway. narrows is wonderful but not a young crowd and the water is through glass. holly's is a very old style roadside diner in a motel, good for eggs and bacon, not stylish in the least, except in the americana dept. there is a table with laminated playing cards of tv rodeo stars from the 50's that includes robert wagner. when he was younger. like 19.

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          The Narrows is literally perched over the water. Waterside tables are up against huge plate glass windows in the enclosed porch (and frankly, given the smells at low tide, and the mosquitoes, that ain't such a bad thing!) It attracts people of all ages from babies to grandparents, and it didn't seem to me that the OP was looking for "hip" so much as quiet, relaxed and really good food at a reasonable price.

          But curious what have you tasted (as opposed to heard about from others) at Sado or Lisa's that's worth the side trip?

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            Thank you for all of your posts. You are right 2 night minimum seems so be the norm but I found a one night package at the Tidewater Inn in Easton with a dinner certificate to Local. Any information on these two? Holly's is definitely our breakfast stop Saturday thank you for that! At least I have that figured out now! I will check out the other restaurants in case we want to pass on the dinner certificate pkg. They all sound great! And you're right crackers, everything from hip to traditional is an option. It's all about the food and a good time.

            1. re: BaltoPhilFood

              We just stayed at Tidewater a couple of weeks ago. We stayed there also because they don't have the two night minimum that a lot of other places seem to require. It was a very quaint hotel. The room was small, but very classic.

              We had dinner in the hotel's restaurant, Local. It was wonderful. Unfortunately, they're renovating some of the restaurant, so we had to sit fairly near the bar. That made it a little noisy, but at least we could keep up with the hockey game that way. Everything was wonderful.

              The next morning, we just walked up to the coffee shop for breakfast since we were heading to St. Michael's. So I don't have a recommendation for you. Not sure if they're open early, but we have had lunch at Scossa on the main drag in Easton. It was very good as well. We had a great seat outside with a wonderful view of the most wicked storm I've seen in a long time.

              Have a great time.

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                Thanks meredity! Did you get the package that includes the certificate to the restaurant? Just wanted to see if it makes more sense to get that or do them seperately.

    2. Check out the Five Gables Inn, they have a spa. And a wonderful one at that. Also the Inn @ Perry Cabin has a new upscale spa called the Linden Spa. Both places take guests at the spa that aren't using their accommodations.

      1. You might think about that fairly new Hyatt Regency Chesapeake something or another. It looks to be right on the water and you would't have the 2 night thing, plus i've read the spa is supposed to be great. They have golf too if your SO wants to do something else while you are getting a massage. Of course, that's probably a little out of the way if you are giong to Rehoboth but i'm not sure. Anyway it's a thought...

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          DCDoll, have you ever been to this place or known anybody who has been there and enjoyed it? My advice is to please don't go here! Hyatt built this 400 room monstrosity back when there was an expectation that slots would be legalized and it would be a casino-type destination. It is a huge chain conglomerate corporate bland nothingness. The food and atmosphere and service are corporate chain all the way. The antithesis of a chowworthy destination. I actually checked out early after a disasterous meal there that included the waiter spilling red wine on me, getting served a meal I did not order, and not being able to locate a manager who would take any responsiblity.

          If somebody is down that way, along the Choptank river, I'd sugget heading a bit further up the road to Suicide Bridge Restaurant for some truly fine local seafood (e.g. stuffed rockfish) and atmosphere - on the water.

          1. re: crackers

            I've been the Hyatt Chesapeake (even though it's technically on the Choptank, not the Chesapeake) and it does hit the bill in terms of spa/adult getaway. Foodwise, we didn't even bother checking it out---we know better.

            There is plenty of walking along the water and golf course, lovely indoor and outdoor pools with multiple "hot pots" where one and one's man could enjoy together prior to dealing with the fam. While we didn't have any spa treatments, there is a nice spa with sauna and steam facilities.

            We opted to eat at Suicide Bridge, and while we didn't regret it, we weren't exactly wowed, either. Yes, the rockfish was great. Yes, the crab soup was good. But it sorely lacked in romantic ambiance, the drinks and wine list were meh (no limes for a G&T???), and there were way too many kids in high chairs flinging food about. Not what I am looking for in a romantic, relaxing, adult, weekend getaway.

            The Hyatt is all about the stay. Look for food elsewhere. Next time we're there, we'll head to Easton for eats.

        2. Crackers suggestions are excellent. This is a post of mine from several years ago about Suicide Bridge: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/171420 It is the best overall Maryland style seafood restaurant in the state (perhaps along with Jerry's in Seabrook). The Narrows have best crabcake anywhere along with exemplery cream of crab soup. If this is your first trip to the Eastern Shore I would not eat anything else. I am not quite certain what "hip" means in Grasonville but I do know that my wife and I have driven from Reston there just to have the crab cakes at the Narrows. Both restaurants (and the Tilghman Inn) are definitive Eastern Shore experiences you will not find anywhere else. And, crab stuffed fresh local rockfish is incredible!

          1. I haven't been in a while, but you might want to try the Kent Manor Inn. I have had wonderful meals there and I hear the rooms are nice. If you want to go as far as Chestertown, try the Brampton Inn and Brook's Tavern.

            1. Hi Everyone-
              An overdue report back from the trip. We stayed in the heart of Easton for food (I spent to much time at the Queenstown outlets after kayaking to make it to the Narrows for lunch). The Tidewater Inn was lovely, we had a great cozy (some may say small but worked for us) room with a comfy big bed! We headed to the Inn's restaurant, Local, for some happy hour snacks and were disappointed, the menu made everything sound so wonderful but we received overcooked, nearly inedible skewers of chicken and shrimp (if that's what they even were). Imagine someone taking gum out of their mouth and sticking it to a skewer...there you have the texture. The Lobster Roll was ok, there was definitely another kindof 'filler' seafood in there not sure what. nice atmosphere though and a place for us to watch PTI so we were happy. On to the highlights...
              We walked around town and considered recs from friends and peeked at menus in restaurant windows. We ended up at Scossa for an app and a drink. DELICIOUS! Seafood mix on grits. Tender scallops, calamari, shrimp perfectly seasoned. Romantic atmosphere (even the bar we were sitting at was romantic) nice place. For our main course we walked to Thai Ki, a place no one had mentioned but we strolled past on our walk. The manager, Deb (who we later found out is the mother of one of the chefs) was warm friendly inviting, etc can't say enough great things about her disposition. the space is open, and small, with soothing cool tones and dark wood throughout. High ceilings, banquettes around the perimeter and a T shaped counter that extends into the middle. The top of the T is a good place to watch the chefs at work in the open kitchen. We had a green fish curry that was FANTASTIC! Just enough spice great texture through and through. Please go here if you love Thai food and great service. The overall staff enthusiasm for food and their business and each other extends to their guests as well.

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              1. re: BaltoPhilFood

                Thanks for the update on your trip. Sorry that I never saw your previous question about Tidewater. I'm sorry to hear that Local wasn't good for you. We had an amazing meal there. I wonder if after renovating the restaurant they decided to renovate the kitchen, and things just weren't working normally. I am glad that you enjoyed Scossa. I agree that it's a cozy little romantic spot. I don't remember passing Thai Ki while we were there. Next time we're down that way I'll look for it.

                I know this isn't necessarily the correct board, but I have to ask about Rehoboth. We both there on a regular basis. And I've certainly developed some of my favorites there as well. Where did you end up while there, and what were your opinions?

                1. re: BaltoPhilFood

                  The Chef/Owner of Thai Ki is Andrew Evans, the former Chef at the Inn at Easton, one of the Mid-Atlantic's most fabulous restaurants ever. Sadly, the Inn closed its restaurant last December when Andrew left to open Thai Ki. Not surprising to hear that it's as excellent in its own way as the Inn was. You stumbled upon one of the best options in town!

                  1. re: Lauman

                    And just like that...apparently Thai Ki has closed. It's now Andrew Evan's "The BBQ Joint", I feel the terrific memories of dinner at the Inn at Easton slipping further and further away. Thai Ki was very good, a very different type of Thai restaurant, and, unfortunately, I'm not really sure that the people of Easton really wanted ANY Thai restaurant, and I'm not sure they deserved anything of that high/unique quality. I'd expect the BBQ place to do quite well, however.

                2. You stumbled upon Andrew Evans' new endeavor, no wonder it was wonderful. Andrew is the famed ex-chef and owner of the Inn at Easton. I've heard great things about his new Thai place but haven't had the opp. to try it. Thanks for the report.