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Jun 12, 2008 10:56 AM

SEA - where to purchase fresh chicken livers

I have a hankerin' for chopped liver and would like to whip up a batch. Where is a good source for fresh chicken livers in the Seattle area?

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  1. I would give Don & Joe's (in the market) a call: 206-682-7670. They have a sign that says they sell offal. Their website doesn't list chicken livers, but that seems pedestrian compared to some of the meats they do list! Good luck!

    UPDATE: Maybe I need a cup of coffee. It does say chicken livers on their website. If it's not a quick trip for you, you may want to call ahead and ensure they have some in stock. (

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      Thanks. I'll check it out next time I'm at the Market. I need an excuse to get down there anyway!

    2. international district. it'll be cheaper than the market.

      1. I think the Metropolitan Market on the corner of 55th St and 40th Ave NE has them as well.

        1. Having appreciated the other generous posts here, it comes to me that a phone call to a really good shop, like Don and Joe's, could set you up nicely. Across the Pike, there is also Fero's - newish, but lots of promise. You can contribute to our experience...

          1. PCC..... organic and delicious