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Jun 12, 2008 10:46 AM

Bison near Nashville

Yesterday, a fellow in Costco told me about a Native American ranch east of Nashville that sells organic bison. Google wouldn't give it up for me. Anyone know where this might be? Thanks.

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  1. Maybe check the Nashville Farmer's Market vendor list, maybe they sell there and are listed? They do have a lamb vendor there that sells only grass fed, hormone/antibiotic free meat so could be a chance this bison source would be there too? Just a thought...

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    1. There is a vendor at the Franklin Farmer's Market (Saturday mornings) who sells Beefalo.

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      1. re: Jennie

        Thanks Jennie. I'll check it out.

        1. re: Cameraman

          I'm pretty sure that's C&H Meats located on Hwy 96 near Triune...

          1. re: grundoon

            The beefalo vender is the Crabtree Family Farm in Woodbury, Tennessee. I found them listed on the Franklin Farmer's Market website under profiles.

      2. Thanks again. I found this if anyone's interested