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Jun 12, 2008 10:36 AM

gluten-free dairy-free sugar-free in Hollywood

I have a couple of friends coming to town in a few months who are on the above-mentioned diet. (No fun at all, huh!) They'll be staying at a hostel in Hollywood (near the Kodak theater) and using public transit to get around. And also are young twenty-somethings on a budget.

What are your best recommendations for an affordable (say entrees under $15), gluten-dairy-and-sugar-free, accessible by foot, Metro, or bus lines in that area? I'm assuming most Asian cuisines would be a good bet, and will direct them to the Thai restaurants on Hollywood Blvd. - any other recommendations?

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  1. They can probably find snacks at the Fresh and Easy store on Hollywood Blvd. I've seen gluten free pretzels sold their. Good luck with accommodating everyone's diet. Does not sound fun.

    1. How serious are they about sugar free? Thai food tends to have a bit of sugar in it (and sometimes more than a bit!).

      One thing they can do pretty readily in L.A. is eat the meats, rice and beans, and corn tortillas at Mexican places (unless the whole point is low-carbing, in which case the rice, beans and tortillas are out). Corn and rice are gluten-free, wheat isn't of course. Zankou Chicken or other similar places are also good bets - eat the grilled meats, skip the pita.

      There's a chicken place in Hollywood on Franklin called Birds that won't be too hard for them to get to - reasonable prices and lots of choices that should fit their needs.

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        Cool - thanks for the suggestions. The diet is related to a medical condition, and it does not have to be low-carb but I will warn them about the sugar in Thai food - thanks!

        Mexican is a great idea, it hadn't occurred to me but you're right, there is plenty to eat that doesn't have dairy or gluten.

        They're coming from overseas so I'm eager to give them a flavor of LA within their dietary, geographic & budget limitations!

      2. There is a new bakery opening called BabyCakes (the original is in NYC). They are known for their vegan, gluten free, "refined" sugar free baked goods. But I don't think they are opening until the early winter...

        1. Whole Foods tends to carry about of those products, although the prices will be astronomical. I think you are probably right about sticking with Asian restaurants becuase you can order steamed items with brown rice.

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            Another thing to keep in mind - most soy sauce used in the U.S. is processed using wheat, so it's not gluten free. So, Thai is usually a safer bet than Chinese or Japanese, since fish sauce, rather than soy, is used.

          2. Cafe M de Chaya on Melrose!