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Jun 12, 2008 10:33 AM

Le Bledo Bakery

From this thread, I decided to try out Le Bledo Bakery in Springfield.

Driving by, I assumed it was only a bakery but what a great find. Similar to DC Sandwich shop, only with a bakery, fewer savory items, much cleaner, though. I would bring my friends who are picky about cleanliness here but maybe not DC Sandwich shop. They have a hot food section, looked good but it was too hot to try it. I considered my banh mi stand by but the assortment of cold banh rolls caught my eye. I ended up getting buon cuon, very good, nice and light, though it could have used a little more filling. I've had these where they've been too dry but these were perfect. Nice spicy sauce. My son got summer rolls with sweet sausage which were excellent. They have more filling and a wider variety of vegetables ( I can't identify them all) than any other ones I've had in the area. I also picked up a banh gio because I love sticky rice wrapped in leaves but am too full from the banh cuon (I was complaining that there wasn't enough filling?) to have it. There were quite more leaves wrapped rice that I'd like to try, plus they had steamed buns that also caught my eye--huge and beautifully white and fluffy looking. I would have liked to try them but decided to wait for another day. The baked goods were sparse but looked good. Whole sponge cakes with fruit, cream puffs, slices of sponge cake, jelly candy. And, they have the basic banh mi, not quite the selection of DC Sandwich shop but the basics. I'm so happy to have found this place and not have to hike up to DC for my banh mi cravings. Thanks, chowhounds! I'm surprised this place hasn't come up more here.

le bledo
springfield, va, springfield, va

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  1. Hey! No fair! You stole my secret!

    I love this little find. I go there about once a month for the best deal of a Vietnamese lunch anywhere in the area. I think the bakery is from the French influence in Viet Nam prior to the war. I have to admit that this little area of Backlick has some wonderful food on each side of Backlick Rd., but Le Bledo is my fave.

    By the way, walking distance on the same side of the road is Delia's, which may be the only place in northern Virginia where you get really good ma-and-pa Greek food as well as Peruvian chicken, all under one roof.

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      Thanks for the heads up on it, btw. Very friendly people, too. I went to Delia's a couple of years ago. I thought I was going to the Peruvian chicken place and was lost when I walked in. The menu was huge and I had no idea what to get. I remember thinking it might be the place to go, if you know what to order, but I was overwhelmed. I've tried a couple of places on the other side of Backlick (can't remember the name of the area right now) and haven't been impressed. One was middle eastern, would not go back and next door; we tried the place next door but it was so smoky we couldn't stay. But, there are so many to try out. I do like Pho Cong Ly in the same shopping center of Le Bledo. Has anyone tried Green Olives? Italian. With all the nice little restaurants in that area, why is Outback always packed???

      1. re: chowser

        We tried Green Olives once a few years ago. Weren't thrilled.. it was only okay. Sorry to say I haven't tried Le Bledo. I walked in there thinking it was a traditional French bakery and when I saw that it wasn't I left (was looking for a special cake for a birthday and was running late). I didn't realize what it really was. I'll have to try it sometime soon. (Happened to be in that shopping center this morning for my cat -- the Vet Referral center there is top-notch, but that's for a different board. :) )

        1. re: chowser

          OK, here you go. Avoid Green Olives. There's better Italian at Olive garden if you get my drift. But Tokyo Inn is a little surprise, right in the middle of the parking lot. It's run by a Chinese guy, and does the Benihana-style table shows, but I love the sushi here. Sit at the bar and drop a few bucks into the tip jar, and you'll be mildly impressed.

          So, in reviewing, on that side of Backlick my fave three are Le Bledo, Delia's and Tokyo Inn.

          On the other side, in the two facing plazas called Brookfield Plaza, there are some interesting possibilities. La Hacienda is pretty darned good Salvadoran food. And Tippy's Taco is one of those local guilty pleasures. And Chutney is pretty good Indian food.

          Welcome to the neighborhood.

          1. re: BigEats

            In Brookfield Plaza I always advocate House of Siam for Thai food. :)

            1. re: BigEats

              I've tried Tokyo One, and my husband wasn't crazy about the sushi. It has been over a year, though. I prefer Osaka right outside the Springfield Mall. We used to like Tiyaki Grill by Whole Foods but we recently stopped by (after a long absence) and it completely changed. It used to be owned by Koreans and you could get good bulbogi. It's an odd fusion now and not much Japanese.

              I've seen Tippy Tacos and thought of going. What would you recommend there? My favorite Indian in this area is My Karma in Lorton but I'll have to check out Chutney. I don't remember seeing a Thai place in the Brookfield Plaza. I"ll keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the recs. And double thanks, BigEats and chinkleDC, on Green Olive. It was pretty pricey and I wasn't ready to take a chance at that price.

              1. re: chowser

                Tippy's is a local chain, and it's a guilty pleasure for some of us who love a good burrito on occasion but want something a notch above Chipotle. Also, the soft flour taco is pretty good and the grilled fajita taco salad is pretty good. You can also get the typical combination platters. If you like Anita's you'll like Tippy's.

                1. re: BigEats

                  GOOD burrito? I've always described Tippy's this way: the food is abysmal, just criminal, but every now and then it's exactly what I want. I can't explain it, I just do. But let's not pretend it's even a leeetle step above a TV dinner.

        2. Where do you get banh mi in DC?