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Jun 12, 2008 10:29 AM

Maui - Lahaina Grill Email

I received this email this week from Lahaina Grill. They are one of our favourite places.

"We want to first of all thank you for your incredible support through our name change to Lahaina Grill just over 6 months ago. We are pleased to share that everything is fantastic at Lahaina Grill!

To avoid any confusion, we wanted to address the rumored opening of a restaurant currently being marketed as "David Paul's Island Grill." This restaurant is in no way affiliated with our establishment or with our owner, Jurg Munch. We are not moving our restaurant location, nor are we changing our name.

David Paul Johnson has not been involved with our restaurant for over 8 years and we just want to make sure that you had the facts straight from us. We welcome your questions or comments and you can feel free to reach us directly at (808)667-5117.

Thank you for your amazing support and confidence in our 'ohana at Lahaina Grill, we really appreciate everything that you do.

Best Wishes,

Jurg Munch
& Lahaina Grill 'Ohana "

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  1. Thanks for sharing that info. There have been some questions, regarding Lahaina Grill.


    1. Isn't the real question whether David Paul Johnson is involved with "David Paul's Island Grill?"

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      1. re: mnadel

        You're right about that. I know when I saw him last year he was scouting a location to move back to Maui so maybe it is, I'll probably run into him next week and ask.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Looking for a great restaurant to take children and grandchildren for a big BIG birthday on Maui.


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          1. re: ajbarton

            Plantation House at Kapalua is great place for a big birthday bash for you and your family.