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Jun 12, 2008 10:25 AM

Grilling this Summer?

Will anyone be having a cookout this summer?

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  1. Absolutely! We most recently grilled pork tenderloin, NY strip and chicken...Around here grilling season is any day the weather isn't -10C or below or raining/snowing so hard you can't see across the street. :)

    1. We've grilled the last two nights here in SF, where it has finally warmed up. Even the evenings are nice right now, so I am compelled to stay outside in the evening.
      So far it's been pretty simple, brined pork chops, pounded chicken breasts, but it's been fun and delicious, and so easy.
      Hoping to grill some fish tonight, and I am scheming to get my bf to smoke some ribs next week. Makes clean-up easier too.

      1. I live in a mild climate and grill dinner probably one third of the time. It keeps the mess down in the kitchen. Shrimp, salmon, beef, lamb pork chicken and a variety of vegetables. Now the challenge is getting some true barbecue off the gas grill, something I haven't yet mastered.

        1. no, no cookouts. We only use the grill in the fall and winter. Why would anyone cook a steak outside when you could run the broiler in your already-90-degree kitchen?

          1. Well, I might NOT grill two or three days this summer... and fall... probably a few more in the winter. I grill everything except bacon. And soup.