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Jun 12, 2008 10:06 AM

Fancy Celebratory Dinner in/around Philly

My boyfriend just passed the CPA exam, so I need to pay up on my promise of an awesome night out at a GREAT restaurant. I want to make it really special...somewhere that we wouldn't normally go. I'm willing to spend a little...but maybe not over $250 total (including drinks, wine, tip, etc.) We're total foodies, so anything goes! I was thinking Barclay Prime or another Starr restaurant. Any suggestions or things to stay away from??

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  1. Tell us what he likes, but seriously? Nothing wrong with Le Bec Fin for something like this.

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      Congratulations to your boyfriend. You will be able to have a fine dinner at Le Bec-Fin for $250 (inclusive of tax and tip) especially now that the restaurant is a la carte. I would suggest checking out their menu online.

    2. If he'd love at great steak, then I think Barclay Prime is the place to go in Philly.