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Jun 12, 2008 09:51 AM

Nut Tree Tamale Recipe (Mrs. Tait's Chicken Tamale) [moved from San Francisco Bay area board]

This recipe is not published in the 'Nut Tree Remembered' Cookbook, but I have heard rumors that it is available somewhere in cyberspace.

Does anyone have this recipe or know where I might find it?

Thank You!

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    1. re: Antilope

      You Rock!

      Not sure that is it, but possibly. I know the originals were made with chicken., but perhaps if you swap the turkey. . . .

      An excellent find, however! I really appreciate it. I will make it and see if it matches the memory.

      Thanks again.


      If anyone else has a different recipe claiming to be Mrs Tait's 'Nut Tree' Tamale, please send it over! . . . or if you can confirm this ones authenticity so much the better.

      1. re: scottstew

        I don't know when they were made with chicken, I worked at the Nut Tree in the late 70's and they were made with Turkey. Those tamales were the bomb- I'm going to try the recipe, but I'm not sure how you get corn husks big enough to make them the size that they were at the Nut Tree, most tamale recipes that I have found make tamales that look like appetizers, you would need a dozen for a meal