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Jun 12, 2008 09:29 AM

La Shish in Farmington Hills reopening as La Marsa

Just a note for anybody in the FH lunch area who has been dying of chicken shawarma sandwich thirst, as I have been for the last few months since La Shish closed (it pained me to patronize them but damn their chicken shawarma sandwich was delicious). I've been trying a few different places trying to find a good replacement -- Al Oumara, which has otherwise good food, didn't measure up, and neither did Pineland -- so today I tried out La Marsa on Drake and Grand River, in the Busch's plaza. Not only was the food good, and they're expanding into the next storefront, but I googled them when I got back to the office and discovered the owners had purchased La Shish storefronts in FH and Troy. They'll be reopening as La Marsas soon. Hooray.

Still taking recs on chicken shawarma sandwiches, though. Always open to new ones, if they're good.

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  1. Hooray, this is good news indeed. La Marsa is TOP NOTCH. Extremely good food, huge portions and friendly service. I hope they don't lose some of the specialness by expanding though...

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    1. re: charlesbois

      I agree. I was in the middle of eating when I posted. I could have used a larger lemonade, but the sheer amount of meat in the sandwich was impressive, and a bit daunting. It looks like they don't have (yet?) a brick oven in the Grand River location, as the bread I got looked straight out of a plastic bag. I assume this won't be an issue in the La Shish space as they already have one in place.

      The crushed lentil soup is good, a bit chunky. I prefer Pita Cafe's for this. Actually I prefer Pita Cafe's Oak Park location to pretty much anywhere else, but unfortunately it's not a feasible lunchtime choice.

      Now I just need to time my transit to each one to figure out which to go to, unless there is a significant quality difference readily apparent.

    2. There's one on Orchard Lake, south of Maple, on the left--new place, very spic-and-span. Can't remember the name, but I like the chicken shawarma.

      Personally, I think the Pineland in Westland is better than the one on FH . . . prices are pretty amazing at either one.

      Good news on La Marsa--thanks for posting.

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      1. re: Jim M

        Falafel House?

        I'm not really willing to venture over there. It's too taxing on my car to risk driving it on that stretch of Orchard Lake, for real. I know they finally did some patching...but it's still horrible.

        1. re: oppsie

          I grew up in a sub at Orchard Lake and Maple. It's ridiculous how bad that roads is, condition wise and traffic wise.

          Falaffel House has been open for a short while. My brother likes a location further East. There's also a pretty good place on Coolidge and Wiltshire called J's Kabob, inside Mr. J's Liquor.

      2. the la shishi in troy (rochester between big beaver and wattles) is also reopening as a la marsa. coming soon.

        i miss the fatoush along with a mango smoothie.

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        1. re: xman887

          I read about La Marsa opening in Troy sometime this month too- can't wait... Whoever notices their opening first, please post. I'm eagerly awaiting their opening and so are several family members I've gotten hooked. :-)

          1. re: kellycolorado

            The La Marsa on Rochester opened yesterday.

        2. I ate at the La Marsa at Square Lake and Woodward yesterday and today. It's some of the best Middle Eastern food around. The taboulli was fresh and crisp. The Deboned Chicken with lemon and oregano was delicious, served with grilled vegatables. A half order - $11.99 - was more than enough for two. An Egyptian dish called Koshary was fantastic: a mix of pasta, rice, lentils, chick peas and garlic tomato sauce topped with fried onions. A lunch portion at $5.99 is also enough for two. It is served with a choice of soup or salad and choice of grilled vegetables or french fries. Be sure to ask for a lunch menu if one is not offered. Good service and very clean place - probably my new favorite among many that are in the area, although Al Oumara on Maple and Farmington is right up there.