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San Antonio -- Silo

Nab Jun 12, 2008 09:26 AM

Silo Elevated Cuisine. The name of this place made me a bit queasy, and I told my driver to go to Buns & Barrels across the street instead. She didn't listen to me.

A buddy of mine from SF was in town and I made a last-minute decision to zip down to SA from Austin to meet him up for dinner. Took him on the obligatory stroll along the riverwalk, slurped some oysters at a place whose name I don't think ever really registered with me. Pretty decent oysters though (Mattitucks, in particular), even if they were poorly shucked.

We then ended up at Silo (with two other companions), which we all thought was a bingo hall from the outside. But inside, they've clearly made the effort to slick this place up, and it is a fairly attractive space once you take the elevator upstairs to the dining room (enjoy the skyline view of the city, and Buns and Barrels).

They make a nice manhattan, and the wine list is nice and varied, something for everyone (including price-wise).

We had an app of calamari which everybody proclaimed "pre-frozen!" in unison. The sauce gave me a temporary bout of diabetes.

The "blue lump crabcake" I actually enjoyed. Sure, there's a goodly amount of filler and other stuff mixed in, but I can enjoy this style of crabcake too, and it was pretty tasty. I liked the addition of corn and roasted tomatoes (which saved me from salmonella!), and other little kibbles and bits.

I had the grilled duck breast topped with Hudson Valley foie gras in a foie gras port glaze with some wild rice, sauteed asparagus and some kind of salad. The duck was cooked perfectly med-rare as requested, but had an unpleasantly chewy texture as if it might have been freezer-burnt or something. Skin not rendered enough either. Two tiny pieces of foie, though for $31 I wasn't expecting a larger serving. Ironically, the little accompanying salad was excellent, and I have no idea what it was dressed with (I inhaled it), but it was a fairly savory and rich dressing (though dressed lightly) topped with blackberries. I tried a bite of the lamb sirloin special which was terribly dry and overcooked (though my diningmate may have ordered it that way, I don't recall). The other plates of salmon and seabass looked nice, I never did try them though.

I don't think I feel any urge to return to Silo. Next time I think I'll check out Buns and Barrels.

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    saeyedoc RE: Nab Jun 12, 2008 11:33 AM

    The best thing at Silo is the chicken-fried oysters, hands down!

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      sa foodie RE: saeyedoc Jul 26, 2008 08:42 PM

      Oh, I definitely love the chicken fried oysters. But, I can't think of a bad meal that I've had at Silo. Their fish specials are typically superb! I crave the spinach salad (with fried brie, yum) and the scallops are always perfect. Also, a great lunch spot. Oh, and the bar is a hot spot with the best peach martini (I think it's a peach keene or something like that??) tastes like liquid candy!

    2. b
      Bring Back the Stein RE: Nab Jul 29, 2008 01:21 PM

      Find me the purveyor in San Antonio that doesn't have pre-frozen calamari and I'll go with him to the grave.

      But I get your point and agree with you, generally.

      Silo has lingered on its reputation and location. It's fine. Nice-looking space. But to me it inhabits the same place as Paloma Blanca does in the city, an overrated concern where you're paying as much for the food as for whom you're NOT dining with.

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        MPH RE: Bring Back the Stein Jul 29, 2008 08:15 PM

        BBTS, you hit the nail right on the head in your last sentence: "you're paying as much for the food as for whom you're NOT dining with." I got the same vibe at Biga on the Banks (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/49334... ).

        Thanks for the review, Nab. I liked the chicken-fried oysters (and not much else) on my last visit to Silo. In the few years since then, I've never felt the urge to return. Your review suggests that not much has changed!

        1. re: MPH
          saeyedoc RE: MPH Jul 30, 2008 01:20 PM

          There was a blurb in the paper this morning that Silo now has "extended happy hour", till 11pm M-Th with $5 apps and discounted drinks. I think the new Wildfish/Roaring Fork duo may be hurting their 1604 location.

        2. re: Bring Back the Stein
          Nab RE: Bring Back the Stein Jul 30, 2008 03:23 PM

          "Find me the purveyor in San Antonio that doesn't have pre-frozen calamari and I'll go with him to the grave."

          Yeah, I think I get your point that most seafood has been previously frozen, but this stuff tasted like it was battered and frozen.

          1. re: Nab
            SAnativegirl RE: Nab Jul 30, 2008 03:28 PM

            saeyedoc-Have you been to the 1604 location? If so, how are the drinks and appetizers? I hve not been to original-but we have tried Wildfish for happy hour and new BJs Brewery.

            1. re: SAnativegirl
              jme1beachbum RE: SAnativegirl Jul 30, 2008 09:42 PM

              1604 Location review...
              Apps- Spring rolls, crisp, not too oily, flavorful. Sauce similar to any chinese resto.
              Arinicini (rice balls coated in panko and fried) with artichoke, sundried tom, and goat cheese (3 of my faves)- good but not what I expected. Tasted sim to a parmesean type dish. Sundried tomatoes were lost to me. I was still happy with the dish, great flavors and very tasty- just beware it is basically in spaghetti sauce.

              Entrees- Filet with blue cheese gnocchi. I don't know if anyone watches top chef, but the gnocchi were dense, very dense. The blue cheese flavor was great, but no pillowy texture, more appropriate to call them dumplings. Filet Mignon was cooked perfectly and very good.
              Duck with Foie Gras, almost missed the Foie, but it was there. Duck was phenomenal. Tender and delicious. Wild rice pilaf and arugula with blackberries all great.
              Dessert- Coconut cream pie- light, creamy, and delicious. Perfect ending. Ties with Tom Douglas' well known pies.
              We also enjoyed a predinner Mojito and White grape Martini, pretty good, were a bit light on liquor, (heavy on lime- mojito). A bottle of Penfolds Shiraz was superb. Service impecable- ask for Al. Great guy, very enthusiastic. Well set up place, nice decor, now I get the "elevated" cuisine- you take the elevator to second floor.

              1. re: SAnativegirl
                saeyedoc RE: SAnativegirl Jul 31, 2008 07:13 AM

                Haven't been there for 6 months or more. The spring rolls, chicken fried oysters and lettuce wraps are good, especially for $5

          2. c
            Charlie Foxtrot RE: Nab Aug 12, 2008 08:50 AM

            Not sure how Silo is, but Bun and Barrel is delicious. In fact, maybe I'll stop in for lunch... Anyways, the prices are right and the location is pretty central.

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