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Jun 12, 2008 09:15 AM

Bar Milano-thoughts?

i am going to bar milano tonight. i didn't pick it but i'm looking fwd to the meal. any suggestions or comments?

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  1. do a search dude...this topic has come up a fair amount.

    pastas are overpriced...small portions...i liked my fried rabbit...which was big compared to everything else.

    i liked it but cant see returning anytime soon.

      1. I may have posted about our Bar Milano dinner on one of the threads Lucia linked to. (Too lazy to look.) But with reference to sam1's comment about the portions sizes, I thought they were of the Goldilocks variety -- not too big, not too small, but just right. If they are still on the menu, I highly recommend the pasta with ramps and the squab. Both were delicious, especially the squab. The rhubarb pannetone dessert was o.k., but nothing special.

        Enjoy and Buon Apetito!

        1. i did read the previous threads that were posted on milano. i appreciate you linking them for me lucia. as it is a fairly new place i figured some people might have new things to say. a restaurant can change a lot after its first few weeks. basically everyone has the same response, i have a feeling i'll probably agree about portion size vs price.

          ps. it is dudette, not dude.

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            Loved the potato imbrollito or whatever its called as an appetizer. I also thought the Vitello Tonnato was great but i read they replaced the sweetbreads with veal breast, which if true, is a real shame cause I think the sweetbreads made the dish.

            1. re: ESNY

              they did replace the sweetbreads with veal, but the veal was delicious and i thought the highlight of the dish

          2. I have been to Bar milano a few times and like it alot. Cocktail menu is great and very original and fun scene. the portions I thought also were just right with entree portions perhaps even big. Get the potato imbotato/octopus or the cabbage. Primi get the pasta w ramps or the osso buco ravioli for secondi get the monk fish/veal/pork chop or chicken. for dessert get the trioli