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Jun 12, 2008 09:10 AM

J.L. Sullivans Speakeasy

Went there last week, it is way too expensive for what they offer. We had the duck nachos to start for four of us. There were eight small sized chips perfectly positioned on a plate. We could not taste the duck only some kind of cheese sauce. They ran us $13. Sliders are $15 for 2 sliders and a small handful of fries(Burger sliders $15, Sloppy Joe sliders $16).
We were the first people in at 5pm. Not many more people had showed up by the time we left at 7pm. I just think it might be a little to expensive for their theme, which is a "upscale sports bar". Sports bar and $13 nachos just don't fit in the same sentence

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  1. I hear ya. I do, on the otherhand, actually like their drinks. Their servers and bartenders know the list. Also there are a lot of good nooks to sit with friends. The food I found to be so so.

    1. The nachos were the most ridiculous dish I've seen in a while. This place can't close quick enough.

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      1. $13 Duck confit nachos is actually not a bad deal. I went there for dinner and happy hour, and we left happy both times. My table had the nachos, plus the truffle mac n cheese (SO GOOD!) and the server had no problem leaving the menu with us so we could continue to order food as we pleased. What I like about the place is that they seem to care about the customer, the server told us about all the fresh ingredients in our cocktails and how they use the top of line for almost everything. We had the kobe beef sliders and I can't wait to have them again. And the happy hour specials are a steal too! I enjoyed my time there and I hope to see the place make it!

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          and the crazy thing is , its not a chain, but it might as well be. Its the same people behind McFaddens. They love to exploit concepts, not run with them. I give it a year.

        2. What I think is hysterical is the "roped off" table on Broad Street tucked in behind the subway entrance. What a view!!!